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"2 men" to play really but not show Liyan Tong the most difficult Sina entertainment news on November 16th, the second quarter of "real man" in Hunan Changsha held a new phase of the program will see the film, Li Rui [micro-blog] to recruit soldiers and together to watch the show. Li Rui said, "true man 2" is by no means "play" real "show": "there is a real machine gun in the ring, ‘show’ where?" During the program recording, Liyan Tong [micro-blog] is still in lactation, to deal with breastfeeding and training is not easy. Li Rui praised women "are very strong, and we have the same strength training, never complain." The "real man" recorded in the "play" Sun Yang not covered all over with cuts and bruises show too really is a "real man" I star military programs, the second quarter show by Sun Yang, Huang Zitao, Jiang Jinfu [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Li Rui class men, Yang Mi and Liyan Tong [micro-blog], Shen Mengchen, Zhang blueheart composed of female class. To participate in the special forces training. In the upcoming broadcast of the new program, the soldiers in the heroic battalion simulated a real battle to rescue the wounded. Jiang Jinfu accidentally left arm dislocated, Sun Yang simulation of shock injuries of the wounded, the other team transported through obstacle class recruits. The day before, users questioned had "real man 2" authenticity, "said the program according to the script" of large components, once controversial. For the second time, Li Ruiyu denied: "I never want to call this program" reality show ", half past five in the morning, up to one or two in the middle of the night" Li Rui also pointed out that the training intensity is great, every recruits are can be described as: "a lot of people are covered all over with cuts and bruises" halo, knee elbow injuries." As for the previous Sun Yang temporary exit triggered speculation, Li Rui laughed: "all in the past, Sun Yang as active players a serious momentum, the performance is completely true to yourself." Then he explained: "in fact, the recording of the program, of course, need to script, we arranged the task at different times, is not the training of troops is also a subject of a subject?" Liyan Tong Shen Mengchen lactation training both tough weight "like Sun Yang" in Li Rui’s view, the most difficult, but also the number of women. It is reported that during the program recording, just after the birth of Liyan Tong is still breast-feeding, action is very inconvenient. In the program, Liyan Tong repeatedly due to exhaustion and not required to complete the task, but also makes users talk again and again. "Sometimes running step, she needs to adjust the training," Li Rui explained, "so I see friends that she can not finish the action, it is really distressed for her." In contrast, Shen Mengchen’s performance was rated as the Xiangxi female man Li Rui". Li Rui said, a phase of the program, Li Rui possessed as a human bridge, to assist women through obstacles. When other women embark on their back more easily, but appeared in Shen Mengchen is startled when Li Rui quipped: "she stepped up, my God, this is what a girl, I thought it was Sun Yang up!" It is reported that the "real man", the fifth air force second quarter period in November 18 Japan 20:20 Friday night in Hunan satellite TV broadcast. (Ran)相关的主题文章:

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