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The 2016 Xiamen international fashion week closing Shun Zi Li Quan offered the Jazz night of November 13th, a wave of fans screaming seems to Haicang Sports Center on the island of Xiamen into the atmosphere High. The international first-class Jazz Orchestra and well-known music sing sing for Li Quan and Shun Zi, for many Xiamen jazz jazz concert, high international standards to enjoy at home. This is the 2016 Xiamen international fashion week closing the sea live jazz festival?. Many of the audience exclaimed: it is fashion week, even the closing ceremony is full of jazz style! The whole music festival, the red carpet entrance ceremony. China well-known clothing designer, Xiamen Fashion Federation Chairman Ji Wenbo and union members; Xiamen music radio anchor group and Xiamen new designer; Li Quan, jazz singer Shun Zi, the world famous jazz singer Lara · Fei Qi etc. all walked the red carpet, let fans see the idol style. At the scene, Lara Fei Qi in the international first-class Jazz Orchestra accompaniment, singing the song of popular classic jazz style, from the United States to South America, the audience stood up and stretched out his arm from time to time with the music swing; musician Li Quan with piano debut, voice, gas rich appearance attracted not handsome girl fans screaming. The famous singer Shun Zi, in an offering of three song or enthusiasm, or crooning jazz, with more than 3000 audiences chorus of his song "home", let the atmosphere to a climax again. In addition to full sincerity performances, the closing ceremony of the site also held a signing session and international awards ceremony. Review of the fashion week, there are many wonderful activities such as international fashion week, cutting-edge designers show. The success of these activities can not be separated from the excellent team efforts. In recognition of these activities and the team, the organizing committee has set up four awards, 2016 Xiamen international fashion week, innovation Pioneer Award 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week industry to promote the award, 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week Fashion Promotion Award and the 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week popular pioneer award. Organizers invited the president of the Xiamen Fashion Federation Ji Wenbo, chairman of the Xiamen Construction Group Chairman Wu Xiaomin, general manager of the Xiamen media group, the media for these heroes behind the scenes Award for the. To promote the 2017 Xiamen International Fashion Week continues to move towards the international, the organizing committee will work with the Nordic design center for strategic cooperation, the two sides exchanged text at the closing ceremony. It is worth mentioning that the fashion week Closing Ceremony Concert activities into the creative business model, with the concert + Star Awards Red Carpet + fashion way, will be the perfect fusion of fashion business, innovation of operation mode, the general tone of "outstanding financial support, are leading, enterprise operation". At the same time, the use of the star effect to the general public’s attention to the fashion week greatly enhance, and thus really mobilize the masses to participate in this fashion week closing ceremony activities. Last week, it is interesting that the fashion mancheng. To Newell Xiamen, fashion "as the theme of this fashion week, to seek a breakthrough on the basis of last year, launched a fashion design exhibition, fashion, fashion gathering four activities section, a total of 27 nearly 50 field activities, gathered in more than and 100 countries and regions;相关的主题文章:

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