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4 Quick and Easy Insider Tips To Turbo-Charge Your Google Adwords’ Sales! By Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson If you want to boost your clickthrough rates and slash your advertising costs moments from now, then pay close attention. Because you’re about to uncover 4 surefire techniques to dominate your Adwords’ listings practically wiping-out your competition at the same time. Best of all, they’re quick and easy to apply. Let’s get started: 1.Experiment with dynamic headlines – Dynamic headlines replace your normal ad headline with what the searcher types in. So, if the searcher types, Furniture, this appears in the headline. And if the searcher types in a search phrase that can’t fit, such as Affordable quality furniture, then it reverts back to your default headline. . Use it by inputting, {KeyWord:Quality Furniture} in the headline portion of your ad. Quality Furniture is your default headline. Also, note that the K and W are capitalized in KeyWord. This means that the first letter in each search phrased is capitalized. For instance, Fun Furniture, instead of Fun furniture (if you had Keyword). Dynamic headlines almost always significantly boost clickthrough rates. But, they also sometimes reduce the quality traffic you get. You should experiment with dynamic headlines. If you find that an Ad Group is producing low-quality traffic, then you would toss the dynamic headline and add a qualifier instead. Some examples of a qualifier are to add a price to your ad, using the words For serious customers only, buy now, or to use words that call-out targeted customers to click on your ad. Also, try adding words around the dynamic headline, such as, Unique {Keyword:Furniture}. This works best in Ad Groups with only a few keywords. 2.Test ad positions – because the highest one isn’t always the best. Keep in mind, the number 1 position usually produces the MOST traffic. However, it does not always produce the BEST quality traffic. Instead, you can continually adjust your bids (based on several days data) to target lower positions instead. Depending on your market, you may target position three or four. Remember, many bidders daily budgets cut off their campaigns near the end of the day. This means you get their top positions for a fraction of the cost! 3.How to use site selection correctly – The site selection option allows advertisers to place their ads on specific content sites. It is a completely different animal than search traffic. And varies from normal content ads. Because instead of paying per click, you’re paying for impressions (or how many times your ad is seen). This can be a lifesaver for some businesses and a waste of money for others. It depends on the market. Some markets produce terrible results with search traffic. But, are great for selected sites. Why? Well, usually it’s because a market is in its infancy. And your target market is NOT searching for what your have to offer. Instead, the only way they can be reached is in their communities. You must go to them. These communities might be blogs, discussion forums, or news sites. An example, might be a tool that creates video blogs. Very few people are looking to do this. But, LOT’S of normal blog publishers may easily be convinced that this is something they need to be doing. The bottom line is if you get good results with search traffic, then you probably want to pay per click for your content advertising. The only exception is if you have a killer ad (that generates lots of clicks). Because it will be cheaper to pay for impressions. 4.Put your best performing text ad on your banner. Most advertisers either stick only with text ads. Or they use ineffective banner ads. These are costly mistakes. The smart way to do it is to find a very effective text ad. Then, put it on your banner ad. You will find that these normally out-perform your text ads. And will be your most profitable. 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