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Web-Design Ever since it was created in the 90’s, the Internet has become an essential component of everyday life. Snail mail is hardly used nowadays, displaced by legitimately accepted email, except of course in situations wherein physical documents are required. Social networking sites are everywhere and have targeted every possible audience. There’s a social networking site for every type of netizen; you can find broad, open-to-all communities which Friendster first penetrated and Facebook has become so famous for, and more clustered, exclusive communities such as those that Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Multiply cater to. On the forefront of the digital age is ecommerce. Trading products and services over the Internet— ecommerce—has been accepted over the past decade. While some people would still prefer to see and touch certain products prior to purchase, online shopping has become so rampant that mere photos are now sufficient to make one add items to a shopping cart. You have a plethora of products to choose from, should you want to shop online. Every product you can think of is available online. You can buy clothes, accessories, books, CDs, DVDs, toys, games, electronics, cameras, gadgets, software, furniture, tools, digital media, and a whole lot more online. The most frequently products purchased online are books, computer hardware and software, apparel, toys and video games, videos, health and beauty products, electronics and gadgets, music, and jewelry . Downloaded digital content—both commercially sold and shared— have increased in popularity, displacing the need for record companies in some countries. Less and less people are buying a DVDs or audio CDs, not like how it was several years back, during the earlier years of the recording and film making industry. It is much easier and costs less to download digital content. Everyone owns a media player or at least a mobile device with media playing capabilities these days, allowing them the liberty to play and appreciate portable media whenever, wherever. Everyone is into ecommerce. Group buying is another trend that has made online shopping even more enticing as it provides exceptionally better, cost-saving deals than usual. Being an online shopper is great. You get the things you want with a few taps on your keyboard or mobile device. Have you ever imagined if you were on the other side of the equation? What if you were the one making the money online? What if you went beyond shopping and did the selling, reaping profits from online transactions? Would you want that? As the number of Internet users increases, the potential of ecommerce multiplies with it. Certainly, starting up an online business is a lucrative money making opportunity but it isn’t as easy as one might think. Setting up an online business may prove to be more complicated that starting a small business in a physical location. In a physical retail setting, goods are directly exchanged for payment. It is even easier when payment is made in cash, without the involvement of credit channels and the like, and after the cash payment is made, the transaction is essentially complete. Business is sealed. Online shopping is convenient for customers, but for the owner of the online shop, it’s more complicated. Owning an ecommerce site requires knowledge and innovation in Internet marketing, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, and automated data collection and inventory management systems among others. Every transaction starts with your online store, which can be accessed with a slew of computers and WIFI-enabled gadgets. A number of succeeding processes are essential in order to complete the transactions. Business is done through your ecommerce site therefore your site has to be impressive and reliable. This is almost the same as building a physical store and may be as difficult. You’d require a web designer, a programmer, and a person who’ll be in charge of back end procedure and web maintenance. Web development would take at least 30 days. It would cost you a lot of money since web development firms pay their skilled pros a ton and charge twice a ton for such services. A cost-efficient, more practical option is now available, thanks to the quick advancements of modern technology and the ingenuity of business minded skilled techno-geeks. An ecommerce website builder is an option to consider for building your online shop. Starting an online shop shouldn’t be so confusing and technical. You don’t want to spend so much on building an ecommerce site especially if your just starting. Modern technology provides you the capability to build an ecommerce website in a matter of days at minimal cost. There are plenty of ecommerce website builder software to choose from. The software comes with tools that enables even the most simple-minded user to build his own ecommerce site. You can instantly become a webmaster and add presumably complex features with a single click. The least you could expect are shopping cart functionality and the capacity to add product images, product description, and pricing. Other features to expect are a browser based interface, which means that HTML knowledge wouldn’t be necessary and that the software is user-friendly; POP email & forwarding accounts, flash & high quality graphic headers, auto-responders, a site marketing center, site statistics, automated data backup, and reliable site hosting. If you’re more concerned about how the site will look, you’ll be happy to know that you can personally customize your site according to your own taste. There will be several templates and color schemes to choose from. You could opt to have a graphic header generator with flash graphics, a title generator that’ll let you choose from a roster of font styles, multiple header & footer style options, custom menu buttons, and customizable page widths. You will have the option to upload your own logo and images, links to other sites, new pages, and even your own custom HTML. You’ll have an image database, online resizing tools, image gallery with links and details, and thumbnail viewer. It’ll be very easy. You can change layouts anytime with an intuitive page editor. An ecommerce website buildermakes starting an online business so easy. You don’t have to exhaust your resources on expensive web development. Adding pages and features to your website will be as easy as writing an email or uploading content to your favorite social networking site. You will be able to control and change how your site works and looks with minimal effort and at no added cost. Don’t waste the opportunity to start your very own online business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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