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UnCategorized Many of us view headaches as part of the daily cost of living. Depending on our jobs, we may spend our working lives under fluorescent lights, staring at computer monitors in artificially heated or cooled environments. Or our days and nights may be impregnated with the loud sounds of factory machinery, traffic or construction equipment. We may drive with little surcease from morning to night, night to morning or both, race through hospital corridors or crawl around underground. In short, there are very few professions that do not have at least the potential to cause headaches; from light, from sound, from stress, from trying not to slouch down and become one with the computer. While these risks are an inevitable part of making a living–even the most ergonomically correct employment faces the potential for human error in sitting, standing or food preference–there are ways of avoiding, mitigating or even eliminating the concomitant pain, which can arise through our attempts to pay the bills and put food on the table. Proper body mechanics can make a world of difference regardless of your form of employment. This doesn’t necessarily mean sitting at your desk or standing on your production line with a book finely balanced on the top of your head for hours at a time to make sure your spine is straight. That’s probably going to get you fired and make your neck hurt, which will also lead to a headache. Proper body mechanics are more along the lines of making sure you aren’t hunching over or having your neck, back or body in an unnatural pose any longer than is absolutely required for your employ. Another thing that can help reduce your headaches is moving. Sit down, stand up, stretch, and roll your head around your neck. Any of those movements will loosen the stiff muscles that are the cause of so many headaches, as well as encouraging blood flow to stressed areas. The same goes for your eyes. Changing your visual perspective from time to time will rest and rejuvenate your eyes, which will in turn reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. It is also possible that something you ingest is causing you problems. The solution to that may be either a process of trial and error or a severely restricted diet that clears your system of all the likely culprits and then slowly lets them back in one by one, until you determine the villain. It is wise to engage someone schooled in nutrition to help you. One of the drawbacks is that it may be more than one food–and if it is only one food, it’s probably chocolate. Environmental toxins and undiagnosed injuries may also cause chronic headaches. Again, to determine if this is where the problem lies, you should be evaluated by a professional. You don’t want to set fire to the couch only to learn the real cause was your fern. There are ways to eliminate or at least reduce environmental toxins in your life and injuries can be treated in a number of non-invasive ways. Whatever the cause, the solution to chronic headaches is not a daily diet of increasing doses of analgesics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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