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The girl lake, a beautiful love story – Sohu girl Lake tourism, Mongolian Duolun Nur meaning "7 lakes". In the territory of the county Duolun Nur has a large size, numerous lakes, which is located in the southern margin of the CAI Mu Mountain Nature Reserve is 48 km far from the lake scenery is a girl. Whether it is the green lake, or deep water, are deeply attracted me. The girl is called mark in Duolun Lake Lake, formerly called the Moon Lake, is a natural form of the moon shaped lake area is not large, but there is no development, very quiet. Look at the whole lake girl from a distance, like a crescent scimitar, surrounded by various grasstrees surrounded by overgrown, quietly lying there. Lake Yama Kazuki, like the girl at the lake in the wash their hair comb. No girl like Lake, not betrothed yet as the girl shy, clear blue lake, if a few days earlier, you can see the most beautiful girl lake autumn scenery, but now most of the leaves are falling. The lake is blue, the lake is clear, and it is not clear. There are carp, crucian carp, Hua Zi fish, catfish, etc., is a good place to fish. This is also very suitable for camping, watching the stars, national day, there are a lot of people come here to camp. The resources here Yang, birch, elm and other natural forest is very rich, roe deer, deer, foxes and other wild animal variety, is the natural forest resources in Duolun County and the wild animal resources are more concentrated. The South Lake is vast meadow steppe, the East is the original secondary forest, southwest is the natural sand dunes, the scenic natural landscape diversity, the ecological environment is very beautiful. Girl lake, there is a touching love story. Legend, after the opening of the capital city of Duolun Nur, and the firm Chengkui small club Hong Changshun with two treasurer and a few guys business came to the lake, encountered heavy snow blocked the road way at Duolun nur. In desperation, Hong Shun and the men had to live in a herdsman family. The herdsman had a beautiful daughter named Wulantuoya. Beautiful Wulantuoya and Hong Changshun love at first sight, so the two young white-collar life. Look, this girl is not beautiful Wulantuoya? It was soon known that Duolun Nur hall patrol, he had long coveted the beauty of Wulantuoya, would like to take her for himself, with Mongolian and Han can not marry reason caught Hong Changshun, they found a reason he will be sentenced to death in death row. In view of what the girl returned, waiting for your boyfriend? Wulantuoya heard the news, heartbroken, finally Dutch act on the Moon Lake water. After Wulantuoya’s death, Hong Changshun’s family spent a lot of money to keep him out. Hong Changshun knew his beloved girl died, and day and night wandering in the lake of Wulantuoya suicide. One day, Hong Changshun saw a trance Wulantuoya figure rises from the middle of the lake, while shouting the name of his sweetheart and rushed to the lake, eventually drowned. Since then, people will be renamed the Moon Lake Lake girl. The photographer photography ShaHang style how dedicated ah. In order to shoot delay, a variety of postures are out. Little stick.相关的主题文章:

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