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Terry Gou, President of Foxconn: 42 years of entrepreneurship is still the last time to start a new venture in the workshop of Innovation Summit in, Foxconn Group founder and President Terry Gou made a keynote speech at the meeting. In Terry Gou’s view, the most important condition is entrepreneurship, "the entrepreneurial spirit is to have a wolf, encounter difficulties, must take the business in the first place, you have to start making an important consideration…… To be an entrepreneur, you have to sacrifice your own time." Venture 42 years, Terry Gou said he was the beginning of the business, this is the integration of the acquisition of Japanese companies, 20 thousand employees in. In his view, "the entrepreneurial spirit, is that you have to put all your focus on your core competitiveness, and put them in your core business, 360 days a year, 24 hours a day, your mind is thinking that I must have done it successfully." The spirit level, Terry Gou stressed that innovation inside the industry need to raise a lot of resources, the need to achieve. At the same time, he also said that entrepreneurs must understand the market trends. Entrepreneurship is based on your spirit, depending on your grasp of resources, rely on your judgment on time, depending on your judgment on the market. What you can do better than others, these are a must have the basic conditions for entrepreneurs." Attached: speech and field questions record ‘speech links’ first of all, we would like to congratulate the Innovation workshop of the Southern China headquarters was officially opened in Shenzhen, innovation works from Beijing part of the power to move south to Shenzhen, is the right choice. In fact, the innovation of this thing, how are you going to say, because there is no law of success, entrepreneurship is a jungle, see which way on where to drill into the jungle, see what water is to jump in, so you say entrepreneurs should have what conditions will be successful? I think the most important condition for success is people. I saw a Hongkong entrepreneur, recently at the age of 24, he was just like me, also surnamed Guo, English also named Terry. The day before the Mid Autumn Festival this year, when the forecast to typhoon, I talked to a friend about a foreign friend, he was very interested in his friends, I hope to talk to him about some business. I’ll get up in the morning and call him. I say you want to come over, and then he’ll fly right away. I have voted for the company, but not many. So I’ve been testing some problems recently, because there’s a typhoon, so I’m not sure if I’ll be back. I was thinking that the second day is the Mid Autumn Festival, if you can not catch up with the plane, can not fly back to the Mid Autumn Festival, then I think about his investment to consider. The phone is my secretary to call him, but I did not personally play, I did not expect is that he came to Taiwan at noon, I said you can go after the talk. He was also looking for a user to experience, is the president of a very Eastern Dalian lock company. He said: "I call my secretary four flights, there are two tonight, there are two tomorrow morning and noon, as long as I get back to eat dinner on it." I think this person at least the first test I gave him through, I think his product can Lei相关的主题文章:

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