Electric driving on the way spontaneous combustion bus driver to stop after the fire quietly leave 木村kaela

Electric motor driving the bus driver to stop the spontaneous combustion after the fire – Beijing quietly left the newspaper news (reporter Shi Wei) on August 20th at 8:40 PM, near the intersection of Kunlun Avenue and the Yangtze River Road, a motorcycle traveling in a sudden spontaneous combustion. Critical moment, crossing the 537 bus driver Li Jianwei in a timely manner to lend a helping hand, put out the fire after quietly leave. The second day the recipients public contact the bus company thanks, colleagues learned of the Li Jianwei fire. At 8:40 on the same day Xu, Li Jianwei driving 537 bus bound for the river science and technology station. When the vehicle is extended to the intersection of the Yangtze River Road, Kunlun street, I saw the intersection of the northeast corner of the billowing smoke. Li Jianwei looked carefully, the original is crossing an electric motorcycle on fire, the flames are upwards. Seeing the fire growing, standing on the side of the electric car owners panic. There is no fire extinguishers on the electric car, to help quickly." Li Jianwei immediately parked the car on the roadside, and the passengers to do a good job of explaining the work, pick up the bus equipped with fire extinguishers rushed off. Quickly ran to the side of the electric car, holding a fire extinguisher toward the electric vehicle fire position a burst of spray. Less than 2 minutes, the electric car was successfully extinguished the flames. Li Jianwei misses the car waiting for passengers, after the fire quickly ran back to the bus, proceed to the next trip. After returning to the company, he did not mention to colleagues. The second day, the electric car owners Mr. Shi removed to contact Li Jianwei road team, Li Jianwei’s colleagues learned that his road fire deeds. Because the incident suddenly, when I was too confused, did not have time to ask the name of the enthusiastic driver, did not have time to say thank you, he left. He’s a really nice guy." Mr. Shi said, in order to thank, he will make a silk banner, a few days to the road team, solemnly to thank Li Jianwei. The road team staff to convey my gratitude to Li Jianwei, Li Jianwei said, whatever help he should do, not worth mentioning. In the case of ensuring the safety of passengers, and then encountered such a thing, he will help.相关的主题文章:

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