The new song Li Yong broadcasting English frequently stuck in wrong words 乃々果花

"The new song" Li Yong broadcasting English frequently stuck to say the wrong word Li Yong Sina entertainment news on August 21-23, "Chinese new song" five strong "battle" in Jiaxing to record, the program group also open media goings, the media at the scene revealed host Li Yong [micro-blog] will meet English frequently stuck, called "natural enemies English". This year, Li Yong as China’s new song host joined concern. The first recorded programs are exposed frequently stuck, it is of course A thing has its cause. As a former CCTV host Li Yong, accustomed to all this in your head, and not used to watching reminders to read, so there have been some mistakes. A few times before Song English reported palygorskite results of this visit, the media found Li Yong is English "stumbling down. It is reported that Wang Feng in the [micro-blog] corps "five battle", Liu Wentian to sing the song "I don" t wanna miss a thing ", Li Yong is one of the first two big names of songs, make mistakes, and even recorded a number of times before. The goings media find the original, "I don" t wanna miss a thing "said the wrong name and not infrequent events, Li Yong in the other English song is" suffer ". English Yong brother seems to be a "natural enemy", as long as a English song, Li Yong to jam. Chant the humor to provoke Harlem Yu [micro-blog] in addition to Li Yong English funny Tucao, countdown is quite funny, style is like this: 12345678……" Replace "two" into the "two" is spoken dumbfounding. When the result was announced to the countdown, Li Yong is a typical style of sloth. He started from the "6" countdown to this matter, so that Harlem Yu could not bear: "why do not you start from the countdown to the 100?" And Li Yong 3, 2, 1.5……" This method, already let the teachers begin to roll up the sleeves, like a reality version of crazy animal city.相关的主题文章:

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