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Taiyuan City District, many residents of the home heating, heating temperature below 0 degrees – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Taiyuan on November 2nd news (reporter Li Nan) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that last month from 25 onwards, Shanxi city of Taiyuan province is relatively cold; the two day, the lowest temperature fall below zero. Yesterday, the people of Taiyuan finally managed to meet the government’s heating day. Unexpectedly, up to now, many residents of the main city home heating is still cold. Shanxi Taiyuan early winter cold wind howling. Zhang, who lives in Yingze District, a morning don’t know touch a few times or not until a heat radiator, "according to the provisions since October 31st 12 for heating." It was really cold sitting inside the house, Zhang uncle reluctantly put on a thick down jacket, simply come to the outdoor sunshine. He said: "cold, are covered with two quilts, a bad cold. Now the sun is not cold outside, the home is still cold, but also wear thick points." Two kilometers away from the hospital, sun aunt just look cold home: "it can be cold, sleep is not remembered, wearing long johns to quilt drill. An old, a small, that can withstand, cold." More and more people in Taiyuan reflect the home heating or cold. The provisions on heating, not with certainty say "heating work ready"? How to the heating, but no heat? When asked why Yingze along the street has not heating, Taiyuan city Thermotics Inc staff explained: "there is a first heating branch drive, a switch to Gujiao power plant this year heat source heat source, there is a problem in the switching process, suggest the patience to wait for. There because the first two days there is a place where the main pipeline rupture, just switching heat source, the handover process, there are some processing is not in place, is being repaired, maintenance." According to the Taiyuan city Thermotics Inc released the news, because just put into operation in the Pacific heating project, officially running early pipe network steady live pressure condition, the heat source arrived in Taiyuan city after the date. It is understood that the Pacific is the heat source heating project of Gujiao Xingneng power plant, Gujiao City, across the mountains, through the long distance transport pipeline heating, heat source for Taiyuan city. 12319 Taiyuan city digital city management phone, these days the real "hotline". Staff continue to explain to the public, a power plant removal, Gujiao heat source plant switching failure, the original power plant heating area are affected, there is no heating. Staff: Binhu District, the liberation of South Road are the first heating branch, there is no heating. The network is relatively large, difficult debugging, now Jinyuan District, Berlin District, Yingze District million parts, Xinghualingqu parts are not heating. Members of the public: the scope of the region to stop warming include? Staff: a power plant that drives: the east south loop to the north, Fuxi south, east of Riverside Road, the liberation of South West Region; the west of the Yingze West Street to the south, East peace road, west of Riverside Road, inner South Street to the north, along to the local court lihua. This is the first district of the city Thermotics Inc heating branch area, a total of 2600"相关的主题文章:

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