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Philippine President Obama won the support of high-profile challenge that has to lose life – Sohu Military Channel for Walter Obama high-profile challenge, overall, Philippines public opinion of the new president is supportive. "China and the United States, which is important?" "Philippines Daily Inquirer" on this topic 13, said there are concerns that Walter may unnecessarily angered the United States of Philippines, resulting in unfavorable situation, at the same time, he was in the name of the pursuit of an independent foreign Chinese kind words. However, this does not mean that Philippines should favour one more than another. Who is Filipino friend or enemy, not the coffin. The article said that the independence of the country the best to use others to support. This is the Philippines public opinion field on an interesting phenomenon, under the banner of freedom of speech, often newspapers criticized the government’s voice, but involves a major policy issue, but most of the media followed by the presidential palace. The media often seemingly filled with nationalism, but this "patriotic" often lack a clear position, pro – or anti American, all depends on the current government tone; the former president was pro american advocates, now easily turned into Duthel Te’s loyal fans. Shi Yinhong believes that the history of the people of Philippines have a tendency to foreign rulers and hegemony, both want to do a good job with the United States, so that the United States to protect and support him; on the other hand, blame the United states. Now under the leadership of Walter, complaining tendency accounted for the mainstream, but let the Philippines and the United States broke down completely, the United States is unlikely to completely abandon. Duthel Te is not without opposition in china. According to Philippines, "Sun Star" reported that Duthel Te 12 accused yellow party is using the means to deal with the abuse of the next three, he wanted to step down. He said, "let us not deceive ourselves. The United States President Obama referred to human rights issues about its government anti drug war, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also mentioned it, you know who is behind them? It’s the Yellow party." Reported that Duthel Te apparently refers to his predecessor, Aquino III of the yellow tones of the Liberal Party flag. Duthel Te said: "I’m ready to lose my honor, my life and my seat."相关的主题文章:

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