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Hebei two environmental monitoring points by "special care" environmental data – suspected fraud Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shijiazhuang on November 5th news (reporter Meng Xiaoguang Du Zhen) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reports, not because of the road, not because there are activities of martial law, the roads are not let the truck go. Such a strange thing happened in Hebei city of Shijiazhuang Province, Xinhua District 57 Road Subdistrict office. Some media reports said, because the road is to appear on the environmental monitoring data of atmospheric environmental monitoring station to "look". What is the situation? In the face of doubt, the relevant departments to respond? November 4th at noon, the reporters came to the University Road and Hebei city of Shijiazhuang Province Liu Yin Street intersection to see, there is a simple tent in the middle of the intersection, and beside it a written "ban all freight vehicles through the warning signs, 4 men wearing security uniforms personnel hand warning stick to passing a large truck stop." don’t go, trucks do not go, not only is the cart, car also does not let go, the minimum requirement is to pickup." Security told reporters that they are neither the police nor the highways staff, 57 Road Subdistrict Office but Xinhua District in Shijiazhuang city is hired, the only task is to intercept the van. Reporter: is the street for you to come, or the district or the city? Security: 57 Road office, the 3 points, the main street is the Chinese, the West Friendship Street and the intersection of the main road, there is a second. Reporter: Friendship Street, China Street, a total of 3 points, in order not to let the truck go? Security: rush past a fine of 50 yuan, in September, 8, fined US $thirty thousand or forty thousand, up to now wages have not issued. So, why the 57 Street office to hire security in these places to intercept large trucks do? One of the guards said, hailed the purpose is because the road has an atmospheric environment monitoring station, the atmospheric environmental monitoring data in order to "look", so the ban on truck traffic. It is understood that the security of the mouth of the atmospheric environment monitoring station, located in the west side of the barrier at Hebei University of Economics and Business. Reporters learned from the Shijiazhuang Office of the atmosphere, located in the forbidden section of the road within the monitoring points of the state control point, the relevant data will be transferred to the Ministry of environmental protection. But the 57 Road Xinhua District of Shijiazhuang City Street office staff in an interview with reporters, denied the limit line truck because Hebei University of Economics and Business has environmental monitoring points, "we stopped the car, one is inside the office, because we this place is between the city junction areas you know, there are a lot of muck cars or there are a lot of cars over, we will let you know around!" For this reason, many large truck drivers are not recognized, there must be a problem, I can go to other sections of the road, there is a monitoring station can not go, you said no problem, who believe it?" Even more strange is that in atmospheric environmental monitoring station is located on the campus of Hebei University of Economics and Business, often sprinkler, pavement is often "wet" state. Staff confirmed to reporters, the car is the environmental protection department of the car, because there is an air quality monitoring station in the yard, sprinkler for it. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed on the matter Shijiazhuang.相关的主题文章:

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