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The message to the governor of Anhui province for the official reply   a total of 9 local leaders — August 31 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yang Gaoyu) the day before, Anhui province for the 9 message to the governor of the netizen replies, message selected as follows: [a] Internet message, rival emperor District vehicle chaos parking, and take urgent turning Xiao Wu Road, has significant security risks! Two, the village of 5 to the road of the 7 rainy road serious water! Three, rival emperor housing quality garbage, water pipe to the wall Water Leakage Water Leakage, my house was a landlord pipe blockage in the kitchen flooded two times since February this year, the compensation has not yet been resolved, request leadership to be concerned with addressing. The above problem is true, ask about leadership, as the feeling! Answer: dear friends, hello! Reflect the problem of Changfeng County double Dunzhen Hengda Dijing area message has been received by the local government, verification of the disposal, the answers are as follows: the double Dunzhen Planning Bureau staff survey, due to the recent road maintenance, park vehicles and more fewer parking spaces, so the vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon. At present, the district has implemented the separation of people and vehicles, vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon has been improved, the owners reflect the road bend has placed the stone ball. District 5#-7# building water problems due to construction and other factors, the end of construction to be processed. Owners of the housing problem: the first floor of the water pipe blockage problem has been resolved, because the compensation has not reached an agreement, is now in coordination. Thank you for your concern and understanding of our work, such as the relevant circumstances, can be reflected to the double Dunzhen government Tel: 0551-66374213. [Internet message] university should be an inclusive place, but the new headmaster in class during the gate locked, and the main floor of the door has been closed, caused the university travel is not convenient, the university should be an inclusive place. Answer: dear friends: hello! You give governor Li Jinbin noted the message, reply as follows: the main teaching building of HeFei University of Technology Tunxi Road Campus north gate and South adjacent to the school for a class ring, north gate open the noisy environment will affect the class order. The main building in the south often open, open the north gate time. Thank you for your message! Hefei Industrial University, August 23, 2016 [netizen message] friends this month from Hefei to Sichuan by plane, one to one, two into the two out, people feel different. Chengdu airport security men to draw belt entry into the machine detection, and Hefei has not let people out of the waistband; under machine baggage in the Chengdu airport to go out after someone check the bill before the traffic label, so as not to carry out the wrong luggage, very safe. After the Hefei airport baggage check no one can go out, if someone wrong baggage? Hefei airport is a bad job. In addition, the Hefei airport lobby two mobile phone station interface, the basic is bad, can not charge, should be timely maintenance replacement. Answer: dear friends: hello! You are in the people’s daily to the governor Li Jinbin’s message, and now you are reflected in the following questions: first, on the passenger safety check passengers did not pick the waist相关的主题文章:

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