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"Doctor Strange" Beijing point mapping Marvel third stage Entertainment – Sohu level overstating   "strange doctor" poster Sohu entertainment news (August November 1st, Wen SEN) in Beijing Shuangjing UME IMAX hall, Marvel Comics adaptation of the film "Doctor Strange", Marvel Universe superhero turned out the most flattering. Once fell into a dull Marvel third stage into the "strange doctor" has been an unusual high level. "Strange doctor" is the fourteenth film of the universe. The film tells the story of surgery expert Stephen Lestrange? In the wake of a car accident tragedy, to ego aside, learning the world multidimensional space of an unknown metaphysics, secret, and eventually became a mysterious magician, against extradimensional world dark forces invasion. "Doctor Strange" currently open painting in 33 overseas countries and regions, far more than the marvel before three successful works: "ant", "the Milky Way guard" and "Captain America 2", it is The students surpass the teacher. master. In South Korea, Britain, France, Germany, Hongkong, Taiwan and other important influence, "Dr." has singular bursting at the box office — made $18 million 100 thousand in the first week at the box office in Korea "Doctor Strange", marvel original works in Han Shouying refresh box office records, it is beyond the "Silver River", "Superman: guard the man of steel", "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice", "team" with the film Dutch act in South Korea’s monolithic box office total. In Britain, France, Australia, Germany and other countries and regions, "Dr. strange" the first week at the box office of "ant", greatly exceeded the Milky Way "guard" of the two box office reputation as well as Marvel works; and "strange doctor" but also the achievements of the marvel original works in Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, the best open the picture record. The cast is also comparable to "the Avengers", British actor Benedict Conboy Baki as doctor strange for him to become a Hollywood, the hottest actor on British drama "detective Sherlock", in Chinese also has strong appeal. The film also brings together Tilda Swinton, Ford, Rachel egarr Qiewate – Mcadams – Hollywood a-lister. The film will be released in North America in November 4, 2016, the introduction of the concept of the multiverse is likely to subvert the current universe.相关的主题文章:

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