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The countries along the Silk Road: "women’s forum Belt and Road Initiative showed a female voice – Beijing Beijing in September 17 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Sun Tingwen) the first along the Silk Road National Women’s forum held in the fifth session of Chinese – Asia Europe Expo will be held under the framework here in 19 days. Representatives from France, Iran, China, Armenia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia and other 19 countries along the Silk Road and the international organization AsiaInfo CICA hundreds of people attended. 17 days, reporters from here at the press conference was informed that the forum is a bold attempt of public diplomacy, aimed at promoting the Silk Road Economic Belt along the national organization for women and women between the exchanges, cooperation and development, mutual benefit, and it is also a useful complement to the Chinese Eurasia Expo will be realized in the fields of politics, diplomacy the economic and trade, science and technology, culture and other comprehensive communication. The theme of the forum is "opportunities and challenges" women’s employment and entrepreneurship, under the "Internet plus" female development space, female leadership and economic benefits, women’s entrepreneurship and employment of the three sub topics. Nearly 30 countries along the Silk Road from politics, economy and culture of the elite women from all walks of life, will share the National Women’s participation in economic and social development experience, development from different fields and the latest research results, to discuss the new problems, women’s employment and entrepreneurship in the new bottleneck. It is reported that the three forum will be from the point of view of women’s participation in social development, women’s employment and entrepreneurship are discussed and shared, excited Silk Road Economic Belt along the country women play an active role in the economic development, build up and provide employment opportunities for more women. Participate in the forum is vice chairman of the national assembly of Armenia delegation led by El Minai? Nagedaliang attended, in addition there are from Iran, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, Bangladesh and other 7 vice ministerial level officials attended the female participants. The high starting point of the forum and the participation in the national wide, lay the foundation for the countries along the Silk Road high women exchanges, but also reflects the women’s organization and the countries along the Silk Road to desire to communicate, desire and action of communication. According to reports, the forum will be for political, business and academic circles Chinese and countries along the Silk Road friends, to build a communication platform, cross-border cooperation, the formation of long-term mechanism of cooperation and interaction, communication and exchange of the bridge along the Silk Road countries women’. Will effectively promote the people of the country along the Silk Road interlinked, enhance communication among women, communication and friendship, to explore and expand the new ideas and new ways of women’s employment and entrepreneurship, the formation of positive interaction. (end)相关的主题文章:

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