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"Shout hill" can " shout " a new ending?   word of mouth to win the same period blockbuster – media – People’s original title: "shout" can "shout" a new ending? "Shout" get on the mountain? Is the summer the last bus, but the bus does not sit comfortably in August 26th: the first day of release, ranked only 1%, while Lu Chuan, Huang Jianxin, Gao Yuanyuan and other insiders has issued a support film, but as of September 6th at the box office is less than one million. In fact, with the same period of "large" compared to the film on word-of-mouth is the winner, "the hot piece of watercress score 7 than the summer tomb notes" (4.9), "smiled very little" (5.5 points). Thus, "shouting" this is not only for the mountains and shouting, more for the film and the "shouting" sense of mission. A "shout out" two mountains "" mountain "is a famous female writer called GE’s representative, who won the Lu Xun prize for literature, tells the story of a live in panic, has been deprived of the ability to speak yanv, because of a sudden death and began to struggle with the fate of the story. The day of the premiere, Ge Shuiping said his work was very excited to see on the big screen, this feeling is really wonderful. Directed by Yang Zi, "shouting hill" and his own pen, "shouting hill" although the temperament is different, but the spirit to be expressed is consistent. 6 years ago, after 80 director Yang Ziyi saw this novel, decided to move it on the big screen. Talk about the reasons, he said to himself that career suffered a big knock big trip, feeling is also in a state of aphasia. Inner "Aphasia" causes the cause of "aphasia"". Yang Zi did not expect that, in the meantime, another by shouting mountain novel adaptation of the same name film production and broadcast in the CCTV movie channel. To this end, "cried? Mountain" after the release, the crew deliberately wrote a letter entitled to call "mountain"? A "point" support "the letter, the letter said:" many theater managers give us a good reminder: when the input video information, may be used to enter "shout mountain" two words, this will lead to the 2013 edition of "into the box office called mountain"." In fact, the "point" of the box office is tiny, before the release of the film, the industry had to shout "mountain"? The box office full of worries, because the same type of film is pours a precedent. In this regard, Yang Zi in the city with the film screenings said: "we believe that space is still there, to do your best in the space, the film is pushed to the front of the audience, hoping to make the film for its audience identity." The reason why the director still believe there is space, first, because more than a few points of the city point of view to get a good point of view, the two is because the shouting hill in a number of film festivals or earn enough reputation. But the cold reality is that a small cost of art films in praised the curse. No big stars, no small meat, no dazzle, no grand scene…… So there is no so-called box suction gold weapon". Coincidentally, and shout "mountain"? With the release of "lucky" I also encountered the same embarrassment, ranked only 0.9%, the box office also less than one million. A "shout out" double)相关的主题文章:

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