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Completely Jiepan: Switzerland Portugal three Italy Bosnia volley against the cold this bile overall difficulty is not too big, not under the weight of the. Ren nine can try to set the gallbladder more string, such as 10 turn 9 or 11 turn 9, and then set the gallbladder to reduce the money, this bet way. 14 games, a few games still need attention, if the majority of the confidence of the game is enough, a few difficulties can be directly packaged. A few games, Switzerland, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and Ireland, these five games will not be a big problem, in addition, if broad bonuses, you can try to prevent Italy draw. In addition to Belarus and Sweden can be shot, but not too much, after all, the euro zone’s strength is still relatively weak made clear, cold low difficulty. A relatively high degree of difficulty of the game, Serbia to Austria, the preliminaries are still high, the visiting team is opened, the visitors have a certain image, but cut the European Cup by relying on the defense team loose, more opportunities. Holland against France, the strength of the two teams is not in a class, Holland gold generation after the old strength and now France has no small gap, the odds are so likely to attract a certain support for Holland’s code, but the strength of Holland is still limited. The biggest psychological upset may come from the home team lost to Hungary, on the Faroe Islands, this field will continue to decline, instead of Hungary as Europe Cup teams, the game will be a rebound opportunity, but the sluggish state of Hungary smooth rebound, still have doubt.

完全解盘:瑞士葡萄牙波黑三胆齐发 意大利防冷   这期总体难度也不是太大,不宜下重本。任九可以尝试设胆多串的方式,比如10转9或者11转9,然后定胆缩减资金这种投注方式。14场的话几场比赛还是需要关注,如果对大部分比赛信心很足的话,几场难点可以直接全包。   几场稳胆,瑞士,葡萄牙,波黑,以色列和爱尔兰这五场比赛问题不会很大,另外如果博大奖金,可以尝试防意大利平局。另外白俄罗斯和瑞典也可以适当出手,但不宜耗费太多精力,毕竟欧洲区的实力还是比较分明,弱队造大冷难度不低。   难度比较高的比赛,塞尔维亚对奥地利,主队预赛依然高开,客队则是低开,客队有一定的形象,但晋级欧洲杯所倚仗的防守松动,主队机会更大。荷兰对阵法国,两队实力目前不在一个档次,荷兰黄金一代老去之后实力与现在的法国有不小差距,赔率如此开盘更可能是吸引一定支持荷兰的注码,但荷兰的实力还是有限。本期最大的心理冷门可能来自匈牙利,主队上场败给法罗群岛,这场必然会继续看衰,相反匈牙利作为欧洲杯参赛队,这场比赛会是一个反弹的契机,但状态低迷的匈牙利能否顺利反弹,仍有疑问。相关的主题文章:

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