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Flight canceled scam frequent netizens against the journey "embarrassed way before travel tickets online booking hotel, has become a new way to travel, especially popular with young people, of course, it has also become a fat liar on the network, let visitors get in by every opening deceived by various methods, the travel agency, hotel data leakage, suffered heavy losses. How to prevent, to avoid the journey becomes embarrassed way? To prevent information leakage is fundamental, every summer, school season, eleven, Spring Festival and other travel season, are "flight canceled" SMS fraud high incidence period. The problem of travel information leakage often appears in Check Inn Hotel. Mr. Zhang, a member of a chain hotel in Shanghai, often discounts or upgrades rooms with membership points. By the end of 2014, he suddenly found that the integral was cleared". Later, it was known that the hotel membership management system had been attacked, and the membership scores and the stored value were stolen. In August this year, the payment system of 20 hotel groups in the United States was compromised by malicious software, and a large number of customers’ payment card data may be stolen. In August 3rd, there is news that security researchers developed a cost of only $6 from the tools of network security company Rapid7, can directly read and copy the electronic key, open the hotel door, also can invade the POS machine. According to reports, aviation, hotel company network security vulnerabilities and individual practitioners illegal sale of user information, is the main source of information leakage passengers. The industry calls for strengthening education and reminding against the consumer, on the one hand, on the other hand, the whole industry should work together to contain information leakage from the root. According to the reporter, at present, some well-known travel websites, enterprises have passed the data security standards certification, can effectively reduce the risk of data leakage. The user to read the website related agreement carefully, carefully choose to upload their own information, especially the sensitive information includes identity, address, bank card, portrait. Flight canceled scam frequent 8 November 25, sophomore girl Zhang ready to fly back to Nanjing University, at 1 a.m. but received a "0085" at the beginning of the message, the airline name Zhang told the flight has been cancelled due to mechanical failure, need to dial the phone change or refund refund, change of success can obtain the 200 yuan compensation, and attach the phone. Because the text indicate the name and the accurate flight information of their own, Zhang immediately call, follow the prompts to select the change after an artificial customer reception Zhang told her to go to the bank to get a change ticket, Xiao Zhang believed to bank into their bank cards, several times after the operation, the card 19 thousand yuan take wings to itself. Coincidentally, a white lady in Chengdu booked a round-trip ticket from October 1st and 7th to Beijing last September through a travel website. In October 6th, in Beijing, she received a claim to be the airline ticket center of the message that the flight has been cancelled to change or refund, under the white lady then call the phone message left, the other accurately reported her information, she hints at each other for gospel truth, operation, finally cheated 11 thousand yuan. Civil aviation resource net according to incomplete statistics, only in October last year, there are more than 80 users through micro-blog announced they encounter flight cancellations fraud SMS, Bureau

“航班取消”骗局频现 网民提防旅途变“囧途”出行前先在网上买票订酒店,已成为一种全新的出行方式,特别受年轻人喜爱,当然这也成为网络骗子紧盯的一块肥肉,无孔不入地用各种方法让游客上当受骗,让旅行社、酒店等数据泄露,损失惨重。如何防范,才能避免旅途变囧途?防止信息泄露是根本每逢暑期、开学季、十一、春节等出行旺季,都是“航班取消”短信诈骗的高发期。出行信息泄露的问题,在入住酒店方面也常出现。上海一家连锁酒店的会员张先生,常用会员积分打折或升级房间。2014年底,他忽然发现积分被“清零”。后来才知道,是酒店的会员管理系统遭受不明攻击,会员积分和储值金被窃。今年8月,美国有20家酒店集团的付款系统被恶意软件攻陷,大量客户的付款卡数据可能被盗。8月3日,有消息称,来自网络安全公司Rapid7的安全研究人员开发出一款成本仅6美元的工具,能直接读取并复制电子钥匙,开启酒店房门,还可入侵POS机。根据报道,航空、酒店公司网络安全漏洞及个别从业者非法贩卖用户信息,是旅客信息泄露的主要源头。业内呼吁,对消费者加强教育、提醒防范是一方面,另一方面整个行业要共同努力,从根源遏制信息泄露。据记者了解,目前,一些知名旅行网站、企业已通过数据安全标准认证,可有效降低发生数据泄露的风险。用户要认真阅读网站相关协议,谨慎选择上传自己的信息,尤其是包含身份、住址、肖像、银行卡在内的敏感信息。“航班取消”骗局频现8月25日,大二女生小张准备乘飞机返回南京理工大学,凌晨1点却收到一条“0085”开头的短信,以航空公司名义告诉小张,预订的航班因机械故障已取消,需拨打退票电话改签或退票,改签成功后可获200元补偿,并附上电话。由于短信准确注明了自己的姓名和航班信息,小张立即致电,按提示选择改签后,一位“人工客服”接待了小张,告诉她要到银行取一个改签票,小张信以为真就到银行插入自己的银行卡,几番操作后,卡内1.9万元不翼而飞。无独有偶,成都一位白女士去年9月通过一家旅游网站预定了10月1日和7日至北京的往返机票。10月6日,身在北京的她,收到一条自称是航空公司票务中心的短信称,航班已取消需要改签或退票,白女士情急之下致电短信中留下的电话,对方准确报出她的信息,她信以为真,在对方提示下操作,最后被骗1.1万元。据民航资源网不完全统计,去年仅10月,就有80多位网友通过微博公布了他们遭遇“航班取消”诈骗短信的经历,还有不少网友评论称也收过诈骗短信。网民记牢这三点可防骗9月6日晚,市民古女士同样接到了类似短信,通知她次日一早的航班取消,将获200元补偿。古女士看到短信后,也非常着急,担心耽误次日的重要会议,于是致电短信提供的电话,当对方要求提供银行卡时,古女士果断挂了电话,随后致电航空公司官方客服,证实航班没取消,是遇到骗子了。携程旅行网公共事务经理杨勇接受记者采访时说,“航班取消”骗局,可从以下方面防范。——及时验证信息真伪。此类案件有个共同点:乘客接到的改签通知中提供的电话号码不少是400开头的。400电话原本是一些正规企业为方便服务客户而申请的企业付费电话,但被一些别有用心的人利用。所以乘客收到此类信息后,应第一时间通过航空公司官方电话或购票网站确认,不要拨打短信中所提示的陌生号码。——航班变动可免费退改签。根据航空公司规定,因非旅客原因造成的航班延误或取消时,办理退改签是免费的,不需手续费。如果短信或电话中要求收手续费,则极有可能是诈骗,应立即拒绝要求,停止沟通。——索要银行卡号的都是骗子。诈骗分子往往会引导消费者输入验证码、转账,此时应马上拒绝,切勿提供银行账户、卡号等信息。(记者汪文汉 整合采访) 揭秘航班取消骗局相关的主题文章:

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