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Software An antivirus program is widely in use by consumers across the globe. Its a piece of software that offers peace of mind to consumers in regards of protecting the information loaded in the system from different threats, viruses, infections and malwares. Norton is one amongst the many antiviruses available in the market. Norton is a Symantec product and is branded and marketed by the .pany. It has earned enormous appreciation and reorganization from people across the globe. Its efficiency to protect the system has always been at par to other softwares. It .es along different types of scan involving full scan, quick scan and custom scan. Every time scan is performed on the system, the system identifies areas of opportunity and subsequently produces a report to the user. If you wish to equip and load your system with Norton antivirus, there are few steps that you would have to carry out. There are users who feel under confident on following the steps on own, they could take help of .puter repairs and maintenance . With the expertise technician, they make the whole process easy and quick. Get your .puter ready You must prepare your system to take the new changes. In order to make the .puter ready, the below set of steps must be followed. 1)Make sure that you read through all the system requirements and confirm that the requirements match up with your systems configuration. 2)You must also look for uninstalling the existing antivirus on the system. In order to uninstall existing antivirus, click on start, control panel. Alternatively click on add/ remove programs and remove antivirus softwares from the list. You must reconfirm the list of antivirus applications on the system as the presence of an antivirus could cause in disputes. Install Norton Antivirus You must have the Norton antivirus CD handy or the Norton software downloaded on your system to begin with the installation of Norton antivirus. 1)Insert the CD into the ROM drive and click on the installation file. If you are attempting to install the antivirus from the downloaded file, double click on the file and begin installation. 2)If you wish to join the Norton .munity watch, let the option be checked however if you do not uncheck the option and click on next. 3)Alternatively you must seek in for the option to save the Norton software on the system. You could choose on the location, you wish to save the file. 4)Accept the user license agreement and the terms and conditions of the software. The program will start installing the software. After it stops, make sure that your restart the system. Activate the Norton Software Just the installation of the Norton software will not deliver results but you must also activate it. 1)Once you open the Norton software, you will get the option, activate now. Click on it. 2)Alternatively enter the product key which must have .e with the software. 3)Insert your email address. You could even give a thought to sign up to your Norton account online. 4)Check your subscription details. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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