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Self-Improvement Sometimes I catch myself falling into the trap of thinking that there is not enough for everyone. Whenever I start to fell this way I notice myself be.ing .petitive and impatient. This is never a good way to feel and it actually hinders people from reaching their goals. When you stop and think about it, having a lack mentality is really kind of funny. Our universe is so huge and abundant that no human mind can even grasp how big it really is. We are still making new discoveries about the planet that we are living on every day. The fact is there is more than enough supply for everyone to achieve whatever it is that they want. The supply is there, and it always will be there, the trick is to learn how to access it. Whenever I start to get the crazy idea that there is not enough for everyone, I think of nature and how it is more than abundant. There is no such thing as lack, it really is just an idea that we make up in our mind. We start to think that we have to .pete and fight for everything. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of people think day to day. When you think in this mentality you are going to have to fight and .pete for scraps. You will have to work much harder for much less because you are .peting with other people who are .ing from the same lack mentality. This idea is captured perfectly in a short book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The author teaches this important principal by observing the seagulls at the beach. He noticed that the majority of the seagulls were fighting and .peting over scraps of food that were along the beach.They would just stay in a flock and fight over the same little scraps of food. After a little more observation, the author noticed a few seagulls that had learned how to dive in and catch their own big nice fish for themselves. These seagulls had taken the time to teach themselves how to fly, dive, and catch fish for themselves. They taught themselves how to do this while the other seagulls were busy fighting for scraps. This little observation can teach us a lot about ourselves and our society. There are usually only a few people who take the time to learn how to fish or make money for themselves so they don’t have to fight for scraps like the masses do. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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