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Mobil-.puting Google has a lot to offer for Android Development There is good news for Android developers that Google has joined hands with Udacity in order to launch a free course in Android development, and it will be available for all, who have a great interest in building an Android Application. android application development will go to the next higher level by the availability of this free course. It .prises of videos, quizzes, course materials and forums, and this particular course is called " developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals, and it is the one which offers everything you may need to learn when it .es to making an Android App and it teaches you step by step in order to .e up with the best App. Reto Meir,Dan Galpin and Katherine Kuan are behind this great project This latest and new Android course is presented by Google developer Advocates Reto Meir, Dan Galpin and Katherine Kuan, and also features personalized feedback and straightaway detailed guidance from coaches for those students who have been enrolled in udacity’s paid, guided subscription program. The basic concept behind the program is to offer context manifests the history of Android and its creation and story does not end here as it is also to teach you that how you may build a real Android Software, with the goal of getting devs to the specific point where they will be able to think in terms of Android programming rather than just shoehorning their current experience onto the platform. What does Google want actually? Google is aiming to get more devs, building software for its platform, and for not a bad reason. An Android is planning to be the operating system that will power everything, if the announcements at Google I/O previous month were any sort of indication. Taking programmers to a particular place where they can feel as an Android developer gets it a lot more likely Android’s new auto, TV or wearable platforms get sticky, instead of anything consumers do not mind often times ignoring. Conclusion Google is working so hard in order to stay one step ahead of its biggest .petitor, which is none other than Apple. That is why it has .e up with this latest course, and those who wish to make an Android Application will find many useful things in that particular course, and it is yet to see that how much this latest project of a Google will be successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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