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Insurance The death of a family member is one of life’s most devastating occurrences. During this challenging time, the last thing one wants to think about is the cost of a funeral. That’s why it is worthwhile for individuals to have funeral insurance cover in place. Such a policy helps to ease the burden on family members and loved ones – providing the peace of mind that a dignified burial will be possible – and gives your family one less thing to worry about during this time. A funeral solution is a simple and affordable way to ensure that the costs of a burial will be covered. The last thing that you or your family will want to think about at this time is the logistical details of paying for a funeral, and covering the costs of a cremation or burial. A funeral insurance plan will take care of all these details, ensuring that bills are paid and costs are covered. Below, learn more about the funeral solutions available at affordable monthly premiums, or get a quote for funeral insurance cover now. How funeral insurance cover works As with any other type of insurance policy, funeral insurance cover can be tailored to your specific requirements. For example, a funeral insurance policy – which some people also refer to as a burial policy – can cover the cost of your funeral, but it can also be extended to cover the cost of family members’ funerals. Consider your family’s needs. Many people wish to provide funeral cover for their parents as well as for themselves. Funeral cover is relatively inexpensive, and thus it is affordable for people to take out funeral insurance for themselves and a number of family members too. Some policyholders choose funeral insurance that covers them, their spouse and their children. Certain policies automatically cover the member’s spouse and children, provided that the children are under the age of 21, or aged between 21 and 25 years and are full-time students. There are a variety of cover options available, each of which pays out a different cash benefit upon death of the insured. The amount of funeral cover paid out will depend upon the specific level of cover of the policy. Funeral plans cover both natural and accidental death. Once the insurer has been notified of the death, family members are generally paid out within 48 hours. Upon signing the funeral policy, you are immediately covered for accidental death. You will be covered for death by natural causes after 6 months of signing the policy. Because you have the flexibility to choose the level of cover you want, as well as the amount of benefit you’d like your family to receive, you’re able to choose a fee structure that matches your budget. While funeral cover is an affordable type of insurance, it’s never wise to over-extend yourself. Your insurance consultant will be able to advise you on the right level of cover, and the amount of monthly instalment, that suit you. Who qualifies for funeral insurance cover? If you are healthy and under the age of 64 years when you apply for funeral insurance, you will automatically qualify for cover. You also won’t have to undergo a medical assessment. You can also apply for funeral insurance for your parents or parents-in-law, provided they are under the age of 72 years upon your application. Choosing the right funeral plan Your personal insurance planner will help you to choose the right funeral plan based upon your requirements and your budget. Speak to a planner today for advice on funeral insurance cover, and give your family the cover they’ll need during life’s most difficult times. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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