9 year old boy stole a month to play mom mobile phone recharge $11 thousand 3344111

9 year old boy playing mother a month mobile phone game prepaid 11 thousand Yuantu for mobile phone recharge records. The newspaper news (reporter Yao Chuanlong) the day before yesterday, readers of Wang Xin (a pseudonym) to the newspaper: bank card 11000 yuan was 9 year old son used to recharge the game. Wang Xin said, in August 3rd she went to the bank to save money, found that wage card balances decreased by 11000 yuan, the bank staff told her that the money is from July 1st to August 2nd through the online payment to go. "It must be a stolen brush." Wang Xin came to the district police station, the police after some investigation found that most of the money flows to the flow of money paid through. "Is there anyone in your family playing games?" Ms. Wang recalled, 9 year old son obviously (a pseudonym) sometimes use their mobile phones to play the game, but the child is only 9 years old, it is impossible to understand these things. Wang Xin returned home, when asked, the child that July 1st, he spent a lot of money emerge in its totality, as "sniper" games recharge. Wuhan evening news reporter saw the game there are about 15 recharge methods, it is clear that WeChat scan code by way of payment. WeChat needs to pay 6 of the password, usually Wang Xin does not allow the child to see the password, but it is clear how to get the password, but also need to learn more about. Now I only hope that the game company can not give back some of the money to me, after all, is a minor to buy." Wang Xin and customer service contact, the other said that these need to provide evidence to prove that the buyer for minors, Wang Xin. "The child is hiding me from the game." Wang Xin is unable to provide evidence.相关的主题文章:

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