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Change-Management A manager is very well defined by Peter Drucker. According to him Whatever a manager does he does through decision making .This clearly states that decision making is a vital part of managerial post and a manager is evaluated on the basis quality of his decisions. A manager has to take hundreds of decisions for the .pany and hence the managers decision has a direct impact on the organization. A faulty decision can have a very negative effect on the organization while a good decision can alter the financial background of the .pany in a positive manner. A decision is basically nothing but a conscious effort on the part of managers to choose from a variety of alternatives in favor of his organization. It basically defines his judgment to search the diamond from a coal mine. Decision making is never easy. It practically gives other people the course of action that is require to be followed. There are various process of decision making but perfecting the best technique makes a good manager stand out in the crowd. Practically most of the decisions that are made are instinctive. In real life decision making time is so short that it is near impossible for a person to sit with the pros and cons of his decision and arrive at a firm and positive decision. In a controlled environment like a classroom people are taught to weigh the pros and con of a decision. And this remains in the subconscious mind in real world while taking a decision. In real world managers are paid for their skills, positive decision making capacities and maturity to handle tough situations. The people who can prove that they have the best quality in these three sectors are referred to as master manager and their market demand is also higher than average guys. So for managers of modern world decision making techniques are the fundamental to be.ing an asset to an organization. Handling tough situations with easy and capacity to make instant and positive decisions are also vital as these have direct impact on the organization. A fundamental error in judgment can stagger the foothold of mammoth .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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