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Spirituality The source of everything in existence, seen and unseen, what some people call God, created the physical universe for one reason. So that she (he) could experience unconditional love instead of just knowing unconditional love conceptually. Prior to the creation of the dualistic universe of relativity God had no way of experiencing herself because God was all that is. There was nothing else but God and so everything God knew was a concept because you can’t have the experience of something unless you compare it so what it is not. Thus, God devised a plan to create a space where the truth of her being, unconditional love, could be compared to what unconditional love is not, mainly fear. Viola, the dualistic, physical, relative universe was created. To produce this phenomenon of the physical world with all of its various parts, the whole of all that is would have to divide itself into portions, each portion being less that the whole but a part of the whole. A part of all that is. A part with all the properties and abilities of the whole. If we call the whole of all that is God, or the universal source, then each part of God has the same properties and abilities of God, or the universal source, much like a hologram. The physical world, the universe, was created and, at the same time, the metaphysical universe was created. The metaphysical universe was needed to complement the physical world for the purpose of letting God know herself relative to other things and events and thereby know herself experientially as well as conceptually. Therefore, the second part of the am/not am equation, prescribed for an infinite number of energy units smaller than the whole, but part of the whole, which would be called spirits or souls. The function of souls would be to allow God, the creator, to actually experience in a physical, relative way, all that she knows in an absolute, conceptual way. God, being the creator of all that is, knew that to experience himself as a creator, all of the energy units known as spirits would have to have that same ability. Thus, all spirits (souls) were given the same power to create that God has. It couldn’t be any other way if the whole purpose of this event was so that God could understand the total magnificence of himself experientially (that is, by actual experience). So we have an exceptional relationship with God, the creator, the universal source. There is a righteous reason some of our scriptures infer we were created in the image and likeness of God. It is not because we look like God physically, rather it is because we are made of the same stuff that God is. We are here as a part of the whole, with all of the properties and abilities of the whole. It is the most beautiful and logical way for God to know herself experientially. The physical universe allows the spirits or souls, to experience life events (know experientially) and therefore realize all that it knows conceptually. God has set up the system. She has created this physical world and the universe as we know it. The master plan allows the spirit children to walk this physical plane in order to experience at the physical level all that she knows as concepts. When this happens, God is allowed to know herself as God. Each one of the spirit units is, in effect, God Goding. To bring this home to a more personal level, you and I, as the spirit children of God, are going about the business everyday of fulfilling the divine purpose of God, which allows her to know herself experientially. Each and every experience and event of our lives fulfills this purpose. The good, the bad, and the ugly experiences are all part of the process. God loves all of it because she doesn’t judge these events, like we do, at a personal level. She experiences the event through us and rejoices in the process called life or love or God. They are all the same. What a magnificent collaboration. We get to be part of God’s grand plan with all of the abilities of God within us and part of us in order to execute the plan. Simple, yet complex. The simple part is that we get to experience whatever we desire and believe we can be, do or have. The complex part belongs to God and the universe who hears our request and always say yes. About the Author: Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation. Journey into discovery of Self by reading this FREE report; "The 3 Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe" at: ..NutsandBoltsSpirituality.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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