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A summit, a comprehensive interpretation of the dip media era 2016 Sina media summit in 2016, the media is experiencing a transformation driven by technology. For the new media, regardless of its connotation or extension are at the time of iteration and breakthrough, as for the traditional media, the pressure continued self innovation. In fact, now the entire media industry are changing, the traditional media and new media increasingly in-depth integration, so that the Baptist media has become the theme of this year’s dissemination of innovation. What is the "immersion media" and how to treat the "immersion media" era? In October 25, 2016, Sina News will host the 2016 future media summit, invited guests gathered in Beijing, Chinese and foreign media and technology companies to build a communication platform, through this summit, so that we can meet in the "dip media" era, grasp the future development trend of the media. How to treat the media? Dip media era began in August 2014. After more than two years of vigorous development, many of the traditional media have already made an action: focus on R & D APP, focusing on the operation of WeChat micro-blog, as well as a large area of the layout of the live business, etc.. Traditional media in the Internet as a tool and means, the potential to integrate traditional media or Internet media. In the face of the new media era, these attempts are based on the integration or reorganization of existing resources. The real convergence of media penetration is to the old ideas, systems, mechanisms, content, management, operation and other aspects of the subversion, it is bound to produce a new media integration model. In fact, Sina as China’s most powerful portal, in the new media exploration has been walking in the forefront of the industry. For example, Sina channel aerial on the line, the production of "Chinese color – Ten City relay aerial" was released, click over ten million, high response. The next goal is to create the largest aerial Chinese resource aggregation platform. China color – Ten City relay aerial for this year’s most fiery "live wars", sina.com.cn’s broadcast technology service platform — eye live APP system, specifically for the government, enterprises and social organizations to provide live video, video on demand, cloud storage, cloud transcoding, cloud TV service. The purpose of the development of live broadcast system is to let the live face to face, so that news and information to do the real face to face communication. Another recent concern science and technology hot word is VR (virtual reality), in April 28th of this year, sina VR video channel on the line, is a number of joint domestic VR production company, to build the VR content aggregation platform. In addition, in 2016 Sina News still data products, focus on the creation of the vertical product matrix includes anecdotes and comments, the international military, etc. in different fields. All these attempts show the direction and trend of the media age. It is of active exploration and depth in the future media based on the media in the future Sina summit will invite Chinese and foreign top experts, the common aim of new media trend has been looming. So what about the future of Chinese and foreign guests what media thinking and imagination, science and technology project相关的主题文章:

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