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Obesity Acai Burn is a natural health product formulated by supplement experts and nutritionists. Its main ingredient derives from the amazing acai berry, a fruit found in many regions of South America all the way from Belize to Southern Brazil and Peru. The acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a small purple grape-sized berry (technically known as a drupe). It consists of about 90% seed and 10% pulp, which makes it hard to eat as is! This is why, for thousands of years, the early inhabitants of the South American rainforest used the Acai berry for making a rich nutritious juice. Acai-berry products such as Acai Burn has been popular with people in the West as a weight-loss supplement ever since Dr Nicholas Perricone published his first book, The Perricone Promise which spent twenty five weeks in the New York top-ten bestsellers list, and is now verified to have sold over 450,000 copies. Weight-watchers world-wide have not only reported a substantial reduction in their weight due to consuming acai-berry products such as Acai Burn but they also claim that their weight loss was achieved in a .fortable fashion with a minimum of the dis.fort that is often experienced by dieters. This lack of dis.fort is primarily due to the fact that the acai berry acts as a natural appetite suppressor that makes one feel less hungry between meals. It also assists a person to eat less at meal times and consequently consume less calories. Apart from being a great dietary aid, the berry is also packed with vital nutrients such as vitamin C and omega 3 oils, thus making the acai berry a powerful antioxidant that is highly effective for anyone who wishes to slow down the natural aging process. So, whether you are trying to get rid of love handles, trying to feel younger, or trying to get rid of Muciod plaque , if the thought of having to endure a diet sends shivers up your spine then an acai-berry extract such as Acai Burn may be worth considering. About the Author: By: Lawren Cooper – Unable to get rid of excess fat around your abdomen with simple diet and exercise? A tummy tuck aims to tighten your abdominal area by removing excess skin and fat. In some cases, the procedure separates or reestablishes deficient muscles as well. By: kalpesh kumar – Another such surgery is laparoscopic gastric banding. In this process a flexible band is inserted into the abdomen which forms a pouch. After every meal, the pouch fills up soon and moves slowly towards the intestine. By: kalpesh kumar – Best part of undergoing this surgery is that it requires very minimal access. Even Type 2 diabetes which is so prevalent in India can be controlled by this procedure where a portion of patients stomach is stapled so that another small pouch can b … By: kalpesh kumar – Lap band surgery can be performed on obese person with a BMI of 40 kg/m2 or in special medical cases where the weight is anywhere between 35 kg/mg2 to 40 kg/m2. By: kalpesh kumar – A patient is said to be suffering from morbid obesity when he or she is overweight by 50 kg or more from his or her ideal mark. Obesity turns into a morbid one if not checked in its initial phase. By: kalpesh kumar – Doctors are known to suggest Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy as a treatment procedure for morbid obesity. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical method wherein approximately 2/3 portion of the stomach is stapled off. By: kalpesh kumar – To curb the epidemic of obesity and obesity related .plications, there are many weight loss surgeries, which are collectively referred to as Bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery involves different types of treatment method that are .monly used a … By: kalpesh kumar – Most of the weight loss procedures are conducted through the laparoscopic method. In case of a laparoscopic surgery, a small video camera is inserted inside the abdomen that allows the surgeon to operate and view the surgery on a video monitor. By: Zelda Veiga By: Darrell Cattanach – Being careful, he searched through the few numbers he had, which were a precious few, and he found his daughter’s number. To drive that road at that speed is, for many, simply not worth the risk. Who on the present roster has a chance at Cooperstown … 相关的主题文章:

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