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An electronic game game competition why can be as high as 200 million yuan Rio Olympic Games ended, another kind of sports competition, the Olympic bid continues. It is reported that the international E-sports Federation (IeSF) once again submitted to the International Olympic Organizing Committee to apply for the Olympic Games, International Olympic Committee will be selected in December, but the industry is expected to be the most successful rate of half. E-sports has been pursuing the recognition of the official sports organization, the official official sports, the road is still long and long. On the other hand, E-sports in society is also far not been recognized and understood, many people equate to the e-sports game, and that shit. In August 14th, the sixth DOTA2 International Invitational (TI6), Chinese team WINGS victory over the United States Marines DC championship in the finals, won more than $9 million in prize money, the money is the world of gaming history the highest amount of prize money. This kind of news of the degree of social concern, not with the Olympic gold news than. Gaming practitioners are not discouraged, experts in the industry said: electronic athletics is a more adapt to the Internet era of sports, because it can break the gender, race, physical ability, and create a fair competition environment, so it will be a mainstream influential sport in future, and because of love young people are from the traditional electronic athletics sports to transfer, so it has become the best way to inherit the traditional sports spirit to the younger generation. Available evidence of the data, the number of Internet users has reached 988 million, of which the electronic sports users this year is expected to exceed 100 million (iResearch data); the State Sports General Administration announced the overall size of the domestic gaming market in 2015 amounted to 27 billion yuan; Chinese voice association game Committee, gamma data (the new game CNG Research) jointly issued the "2016 4-6 Chinese Gaming Industry Report" shows that the second quarter of this year, the scale of China gaming game market reached 13 billion 12 million yuan; in 2015, the League finals have been watching the occupation of more than MBA; WCA (world cyber games, WorldCyberArena) game, forecast the audience exceeded 1 billion 500 million people. So the gaming niche, so many people watching, said it did not see the popularity of TV broadcast. E-sports in the end is what is going on, liberation daily · Shanghai observer reporter interviewed WCA event planning, the official spokesman Li Yanfei. WCA was founded in 2014, is a global E-sports tournament, the tournament operated by Yinchuan municipal government, Yinchuan international game Holy Land Investment Co. Ltd., WCA permanent venue for Chinese capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan city. Li Yanfei is the gaming generation of more than ten years ago, now personally to storm events, the feeling is quite into. In his mind, electronic athletics is a piece of uncut jade, hope that through the experience of time, through perseverance and the efforts of the industry, and ultimately by people love and recognition. Time line: 1998-2016 Li Yanfei combing the several development stages of the gaming industry China. Time goes back to 1998,.相关的主题文章:

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