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There’s Nothing Quite Like Kayaking In The Antarctica. Posted By: sinuse One of the best things about Antarctica Bound is the way we’re able to cater for everyone, no matter how active they want to be while exploring this part of the world. We are proud to be able to offer bespoke breaks designed to suit the unique needs of our clients. We are Specialists In Polar Travel who are always passionate about passing on our knowledge of the Antarctic and helping our clients to make the most of their adventure. Kayaking is one of the most popular activities in the Antarctic. All of our kayaking excursions offer different views of Antarctica and provide real exhilaration. Explore Antarctica from a sea kayak and you will be able to hear and see incredible things up close. These include crashing glaciers, porpoising penguins, swarming krill and the exciting crackling of ice. These boats are virtually noiseless, which means they won’t drown out some of the most fascinating sounds the Antarctic has to offer. Your guide will examine your comfort level to keep you safe while you are out on the water.

Antarctic Holidays The Antarctic Group Experience To Remember For A Lifetime Posted By: sinuse Antarctica Bound is one of the world’s best sources of Antarctic expedition vacations. We have the experience and expertise needed to help if you are interested in organising a group expedition in the Antarctic, with our clients regularly including not only families and friendship groups, but also clubs and societies. Having become one of the most influential companies in our field, we have the ability to negotiate exceptional rates for groups. This can mean group leaders get to go for free or all group members can see prices lowered. If you are part of a sizeable group, we may even be able to provide an escort to guide you during your expedition. We also provide services for groups consisting of birdwatchers and ornithologists. All of our departures include on-board wildlife lecturers and guides, and some even feature dedicated ornithologists. Also available are group expeditions for photographers, with on-board lecturers happy to share their knowledge and experiences with other travellers. Some cruises even feature specialist photographers. Each of our ships features Antarctic fauna and flora experts, and we can also provide special group expeditions catering for historians wishing to follow in the footsteps of icons including Shackleton and Scott.

Adventure Falklands Why Should You Book Your Antarctic Holiday With Our Specialists In Polar Travel? Posted By: sinuse With the increasing accessibility of the Antarctic region to ‘ordinary’ travellers is coming an attendant rise in the number of companies offering holidays to this previously largely unchartered corner of the world. With many of these businesses claiming to offer it all in an Antarctic break, why should you specifically target the services and packages of specialists in polar travel like Antarctic Bound? Some of the reasons to do so are less obvious than others. Perhaps the most obvious is our in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience of this most specialised of regions. Quite simply, we feel that a remarkable continent demands remarkable treatment, which is precisely what we have sought to provide here at Antarctic Bound – with spectacular results in the form of our consistently glowing customer feedback. Such customers realise that choosing a great Antarctic holiday provider is about more than opting for the lowest price, or even the company that can boast the broadest range of expedition packages.

Antarctic Holidays Embark On The Falklands Tour Of Your Dreams Posted By: sinuse The Falkland Islands offer some of the most fascinating examples of wildlife and nature that the world has to offer, as well as a considerable number of glorious white beaches. They are home to a wide range of penguins and birds, in addition to more than two-thirds of all of the black-browed albatross in the world. The islands attract people from every continent and appeal to casual fans of wildlife, as well as those with a passionate interest in rare animals such as the Falklands flightless steamer duck. The best places to spot wildlife in the Falklands rarely become over-populated with humans, which gives visitors the chance to see some of the most fascinating species on the globe up close. Antarctica Bound creates first-class Falkland Island Tours. Volunteer Point is one of the best places to spot penguins, especially the hundreds of king penguins, whilst embarking on boat trips to West Point Island to see the nesting black-browed albatrosses and rockhopper penguins is a popular activity. Discerning food lovers are catered for wonderfully by the fresh fish, meat and vegetables that the islands are famous for. The Falklands are also the home of the world’s most southerly cathedral.

Falkland Island Tours So Many Great Reasons To Explore Antarctica Posted By: sinuse For many people, heading out to Antarctica means fulfilling the dream of a lifetime. Antarctic holidays can be the answer if you are interested in taking a trip with a difference that you will never forget. The temperature may be testing, but it’s well worth braving the elements, given the truly magical experience that only a journey to this part of the world can quite provide. Antarctica is the world’s least explored frontier and is an ideal destination for anyone wishing to take a break in an unspoiled region that offers breathtaking scenery and fascinating wildlife. Antarctica is synonymous with icebergs, whales, penguins and rare birds. Photo opportunities are limitless, and the sunsets are among the most stunning that the globe has to offer. You will struggle to find a better setting for an adventure than Antarctica. The continent is totally unlike any other and gives you the chance to walk in the footsteps of some of the most iconic explorers in history.

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Antarctic holidays Antarctica Protected From Tourism Despite Ease Of Global Travel Posted By: Kathy Mansfield People who have travelled the world many times over and believe themselves to have seen the most intriguing corners of the earth are delighted by the Antarctic. The southern most part of the globe is not an area that many people have visited and when they arrive, they are easily astounded by how pristine and beautiful it is. Antarctica’s extreme landscape makes it practically uninhabitable. And, the protection mechanisms put in place to prevent greater tourism traffic from entering the area help to keep it virtually untouched. In fact, Antarctica has been described by some as the most rigorously protected region of the world. That protection is backed by legislation and law and enforced by international treaties. Given the extreme terrain, people who long to visit the Antarctic, must do so with others who have experience there. Many have found a One Ocean Expeditions Antarctica tour an ideal way to visit the region. One Ocean Expeditions is an innovative, service-first, small ship Polar cruise company that offers comfortable and educational nature-based Arctic and Antarctic holidays to remote destinations in Antarctica and the Arctic.

One Ocean Expeditions Booking Options For Arctic Cruises Posted By: Kathy Mansfield For travelers seeking something out of the ordinary for this year’s summer vacation, the time is right to consider booking a cruise to the High Arctic. The Arctic is a spectacular wilderness covered in ice for most of the year, but from July through September, pack ice breaks up and frees the waterways surrounding the North Pole. Specialized tour operators offer numerous cruise itineraries departing from different ports around the world. After performing due diligence and informing themselves regarding the possibilities and logistics, potential passengers will do well to also take into consideration their "gut instinct". Which cruise just "feels right"? Travel is an emotional experience and therein lays its appeal. Having decided to visit the Arctic and narrowed the field of contenders, the question follows: where to book arctic cruise? There is no single best answer, but a number of options are available. First time cruisers may be best served by a traditional travel agent who specializes in cruises. This travel professional will not only be able to draw on a wealth of resources and experience, but can provide a dialogue and real-time answers to the numerous questions that will arise.

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