Baby baby Huang Xiaoming smiling without a word to Angela Baby wit-cibi

Baby baby? Huang Xiaoming smiling without a word to Angela Baby wit Sina entertainment news 24 night award red carpet ceremony, Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog] and Angela Baby together again to attend, full of sweet. The virtue in the "Angela Baby" dragon tactic in Ding Sitian corner was nominated for best supporting actress, red carpet host in introduced guests nomination could not help but gossip a mouth, ask around the audience: "some time ago Xiaoming announced a good news, we all know what it is? Yeah, that’s baby baby! So today, with his wife, he came here." Two people listen to the sweet smile. Walk the red carpet after the central host asked again: "today is a few naughty people standing on the stage?" Huang Xiaoming Minzui smile, aside baby wit for husband rescue Road: "a lot of people!" Huang Xiaoming praise for his wife, said his hedeheneng baby to marry a wife, also praised her acting skills improve a lot. Before the awards start Baby surprise won the award for best supporting actress, is a good double. Huang Xiaoming escorted his wife to Taiwan, baby also said in the last speech: "thank you, Xiao Ming, all have a lot of questions, have him around." For all that, the said 10000 crit, this bowl of dog food, the first for the king! (what Xiaoqin article) (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章:

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