Baoqiang Wang’s directorial debut conference Tianzhu White passengers joined the brotherhood (video)

Baoqiang Wang’s directorial debut conference Tianzhu White passengers joined the brothers to help the conference site, Baoqiang Wang, Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan, white passenger Baoqiang Wang appeared "havoc" Conference on divorce Tencent Tianzhu choked entertainment news October 10th, directed by Baoqiang Wang’s Debut Movie "havoc in Tianzhu" held in Beijing "welcome, at the end of laughter" was a prelude to the full lineup of conference. Hilarious journey. The director and starring Baoqiang Wang and "Tianzhu brothers help" white passenger Yue Yunpeng and Liu Yan full debut. He has always been to show off the white will challenge the action a lot of two rich generation technology conference, Tang Zhai Sen, who starred in sharing their shooting experience, talk about drama shooting fun, detonated atmosphere. The first challenge summer white passenger action turned the beaten two rich generation "havoc in Tianzhu" from the start has been of concern, whether it is the story and the actors become the focus of attention, the whole team conference officially announced Baoqiang Wang, white passenger Yue Yunpeng and Liu Yan four main play. "Havoc" tells the story of Tianzhu Tang Sen and two men together went to India for my father’s will, but encountered intention to kidnap his beauty, after the four buddy in India all the way through all the training, finally repair the "immortal" story. With film comedy, action theme, four creative dance by way of new in order to be different in appearance, with India style of music sounded a tipping site. In the film, the white house guest as a technology rich two generations, high IQ and geek attributes let him realize the king sledgehammer perfect counter attack. He said he played Tang Sen is a lot of action drama to be staged in the two generation of the rich, as a director of the strong given a lot of action guidance, but also bring their own pro cycling, riding a motorcycle, it is too spell. But the crew shot just to catch up with the fifty years of high temperature, let oneself really blood to have overcome the difficulties the entire crew, insisted on shooting. The main site of red blooded male competition push ups at the press conference, talking about the treasure and strong first cooperation, said the white passenger is a challenging new attempt, think Bao Qiang is a very enthusiastic person, energy is particularly strong. Very early every day to start the day, the treasure is strong to shoot, to stare at the film back at night, he completed the high strength work strict in demands. Because of "never thought" popular comedy has always been filled with a white passenger cell, at the press conference scene, white passengers dressed in gray black shirt Beige trousers appearance, humorous discourse attracted laughter. Asked about the shooting period of crew have what special activities to promote feelings, white passenger disclosure, director every day will guide you to morning, at half past six, leg kick and running, although it sounds hard, everyone is voluntary, and it is helpful to cultivate the tacit understanding, physical fitness. In the conference site white passengers showed fruitful results during the shooting exercises, push ups and Yue Yunpeng launched the PK, attracted hilarious scene constantly. "Havoc in Tianzhu" as Baoqiang Wang directed the first film, the highly anticipated, with the male god white passenger comedy partner Baoqiang Wang will impact what kind of spark, let us meet at the end of the year, kept comedy. It is reported that the film will be in December 23rd this year, the national release.相关的主题文章:

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