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Baron Chen dating on Admiralty two. "The Bachelor" – Baron Chen Tang Zhuoyi breaking fifty million Sohu entertainment understanding interactive entertainment news Sohu National Day golden week to the end of the first day, the new network in mango TV "the golden Bachelor" second on Saturday at 12 p.m., the dream down God love real reality show, on the first day the National Day holiday premiered on gains 20 million attention, second broadcast playback volume to break 50 million, repeatedly captured the throne crazy variety season champion. October 8th program in the four dimension male god Baron Chen warm heart staged "forehead kill", netizens call girls heart burst. Yesterday in Taiwan coincides with the Golden Bell Awards ceremony, just in the "appearance" of the mango TV Baron Chen has appeared in Taiwan, again after a lapse of eight years to attend the award, a nostalgic boom. Explosion net comprehensive gold single broke 50 million Baron Chen reversal too warm heart! During the National Day "golden Bachelor", first officially launched as a new program, 1 male stars and 25 goddesses dating, Baron Chen and the 25 girls moved to Sanya, Beijing, Shanghai and other places along the 30 day, show the whole process of dating. The first phase of the program, Baron Chen changed the TV drama, warm male image, show the real side of his funny, funny, four dimensional brain hole to let the goddess who described him as "big boy", "kindness", also capture screen users, broadcast it gains 20 million playback volume, second broadcast after double play Super 50 million. In the second phase of the program aired Saturday, Baron Chen is still the continuation of funny boy and girl image, but in the appointment, but Baron Chen inadvertently reveals to the goddess. The yacht even if they have to take care of a micro seasickness and comfort Wu Danni, although the first meeting part and Luo Yafei, but Baron Chen still do dessert to encourage her confidence, sit together with Zhang Xiao, Baron Chen hand dipped in water to get used to his funny Zhang Xiao asked to give my makeup ", Baron Chen suddenly on the forehead to help heal her bangs, let Zhang Xiao moved by the moment that he is my boyfriend," bang "collective users also chat funny cute, with serious heart warming, Baron Chen is so cute", "such a boyfriend to give me a dozen", "Baron Chen is really a perfect interpretation what is the gold single Han, male god". Baron Chen attended the two Golden Bell Award for gathering 5566 lift yesterday at the fifty-first Taiwan nostalgia craze coincides with the Golden Bell Awards ceremony, Baron Chen as guests will attend the ceremony, which is following the 2008 "he decreed by fate I love you" after the second time to attend the ceremony, also after a lapse of eight years, there appeared 5566 men fit again, Baron Chen together with 5566 also, so many 80 90 Youth Drama collective sigh, "when young male god still handsome", "Hello my girls", "Baron Chen in the" golden Bachelor "after I fell in love with him".相关的主题文章:

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