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5000 square meters of new Beijing West Railway Station waiting area – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Jin Ke) the day before, a Station North West Point area of 5000 square meters of a negative public area officially opened. In the future, this area will serve as the west station evacuation space. The public space is located in the North West Railway Station Square, the negative layer, passengers from the subway station, one on the elevator to go north can enter the waiting area. The waiting area is no security, no seat, the main station as safe evacuation area. In addition, in the event of rain and snow, train delays and other special circumstances, passengers can also be temporary waiting here. During the Spring Festival this year, with a little scattered West CMC demolition business oriented cultural market, north exit Teng negative layer of the public space of 7000 square meters as a temporary waiting area during the spring festival. After the end of the spring, the area started a large-scale renovation. More than 7000 square meters of the area was zoned reconstruction, which is about 5000 square meters of the main space as a passenger evacuation zone, temporary waiting area. Another thousand square meters will be converted into the dining area, the introduction of chain catering enterprises brand. During the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the official delivery of the public area, the entire space are renovated and improved, will be open to visitors in the long term.相关的主题文章:

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