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UnCategorized Weight loss is a raging battle with consumers across the United States. With the obesity crisis rising yearly, consumers are constantly looking for weight loss tips to help win the struggle against fat. The public is more aware of the added health risks being overweight. So here is a little tip which could help you along with the battle of the bulge New studies are being release about the benefits of rye bread. Since every dieter knows they should start with a healthy breakfast daily why not replace that wheat toast with rye? The new studies are suggesting rye bread increases the feeling of fullness up to eight hours. The breakfast cereals made from rye did not produce any difference in satiety. The greatest amount of decrease hunger came from breads made from rye bran. Rye bread is a very good source of Thiamin, Folate, Selenium and Manganese but is high in sodium. It is also low in saturated fat and only has a glycemic load of 8. A typical re.mend glycemic load per day is a hundred. Diabetics should try to stay a little lower. Rye is a great source of fiber which most Americans lack in their diet. Numerous studies over the years have concluded that fiber is needed in everyone’s daily food intake. Fiber can help prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, gallstones, diabetes and diverticulosis to name a few. Fiber has also been linked to decreasing risk when it .es to heart disease and several cancers. The use of rye can be traced back to approximately 1800BC and looks similar to wheat and barley. Rye seed and dried plants have been used for thousands of years in to help with hundreds of ailments and diseases. Several tinctures and infusions can still be found made from rye and are attributed to curing many conditions. Other countries have known long before us the benefits of rye and have been consuming it widely in their diets. As for the United States, importing of rye have dropped considerably over the years. One would think that considering the abundant health benefits gained from rye, our imports would have increased. Are consumers really as health conscious as they appear to be? Or is it all just an illusion Americans wants our neighbors to think? Do Americans like the reputation of 70 percent of their population being overweight? Hopefully one day consumers will wake up to the importance of nutrition and how it affects their health. In the meantime, there is a McDonalds in almost every town, but I doubt you will find any rye inside. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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