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Canada "red" Prime Minister Ali said Ali has guest in a home of Trudeau and ma? Phoenix Technology News News September 3rd,   this morning, on the eve of the opening of G20, a Alibaba in 70 after the guests, Gao Yan, love sports, popular social network Canada "Red Net" prime minister Justin · Trudeau. Trudeau is an old friend of Hangzhou Ma Ma, overwhelmed by Ali, is hoping to use Tmall for SMEs in Canada to seek the Chinese market. In addition to a line of cabinet ministers, Trudeau also brought Canada’s top business and the country’s four "national treasure", including the state’s PURNATUR pure maple syrup, gold, gold oak wine Yunling canola rapeseed oil, edible oil SunCrop Clearwater live lobster. The welcome ceremony, accompanied by a large screen from Canada beautiful maple leaf pattern, Trudeau and Ma with a Tmall APP scan code, jointly opened Tmall International Canada Pavilion, also witnessed the signing of a Alibaba with Canada and a series of strategic cooperation agreement. Trudeau said that today is an exciting day for Canadian business, they have a permanent home in the online sale of Alibaba has the world’s largest platform, and this platform Chinese hit more than 400 million consumers. This is a common benefit for Canadian businesses and people, will promote Chinese tourists to travel to Canada, to create jobs in Canada, to promote the development of the middle class. "I am pleased that Alibaba has become a gateway to China for small and medium enterprises in canada." Ma Yun expressed his welcome to Trudeau. Ma Yun said he believes that with the young people and young people around the world to work together to build a platform to help consumers around the world.       the day before, Trudeau at the start of the first stop of his visit is to schedule hosted by Ma Yun China Entrepreneurs Club Forum, and talks with Ma Yun. At that time, Trudeau said he and Ma hit it off, and praised the Ma on the idea to help small and medium enterprises.相关的主题文章:

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