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Arts-and-Entertainment Hollywood celebrities are the target of extreme scrutiny. Whether if be from overzealous, obsessed fans, the tabloid press or even dangerous stalkers.Recently the FBI have been investigating a group of people allegedly hacking their way into celebrity email accounts such as Tia Tequila , Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens and stealing nude photos. Many of them ending up on a blogger’s website, known as DeepAtSea. As of the writing of this aarticle no one has been arrested in this blatant case of email hacking and invasion of privacy.This would not be the case if the stars had taken steps to guard their privacy with a hacked email account investigation to monitor their email accounts. These celebs could have avoided the embarrassment of having their private email .munications exposed by having their email accounts monitored by a private investigator using a brand new technique called a Hacked Email account Investigation. This new high tech security measure will monitor a clients email account to determine if there is any unauthorized access to that email account. Once the uninvited access is discovered then identifying information about the hacker or intruder can be recovered and traced right back to locate and identify the person who has illegally invaded the celebrity’s privacy.But a hacked email account investigation is not limited to the rich and famous. It can also be used by people involved in messy divorces, stalking victims or businesses that are targeted with overzealous .petitive intelligence gathering techniques Many of the celebrities like Tia Tequila .plained that they did report the intrusion to the police but law enforcement did not investigate until the problem became very public and wide spread. But if she had retained an investigator to monitor her email and catch the hacker the investigator could have reduced his findings to an investigative report. She could have taken that report to the police or DAs office and probably saved herself a lot of heartache and embarrassment. So whether you are an A list Hollywood celebrity that has to be on guard for obsessed fans and paparazzi or you are a very private person that has attracted the unwanted attention of a cyber stalker a private investigator can monitor your email account, alert you to unauthorized access, document the crime aand aassist you in making a police report. Preparing your case for civil or criminal prosecution and testifying on your behalf in court. Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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