Characteristics Of The Stone Hammer

Sales-Management Hammer crusher mining machine is applicable for various hard and fragile materials, such as coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, blocks, limestone, etc. And mainly used in such industries as cement, coal separation, electricity generation, building materials and compound fertilizer, etc. There are many kinds of hammer crusher, according to the structural characteristics of different, can be classified as follows: Single Stage Hammer Crusher , Reversible Hammer Crusher, Ring Hammer Crusher. According to hammer row number can be divided into single type and multi type; According to the rotor of rotation direction can be divided into directional type and reversible; According to the hammer of the device in a different way, still can be divided into fixed of hammer type and activities of hammer type two kinds. Working Principle Of Stone Hammer Crusher : The electric motor drives the rotor, and the rotor moves and makes the hammer board rotate faster. The materials are crushed in the crusher by the rotated hammer board. The end products come out via the strips of the screen under the machine. The size of the granularity can be adjusted by changing the distances among the screen strips. The advantages of Stone hammer crusher as follows: 1.With large feed inlet and high crushing cavity, the equipment is applicable for hard and large materials. 2.The hammer has a long service life. Gap between the gratings are adjustable to change grain size of the discharge, so as to meet different requirements of the customers. 3.The chassis is able to turn for convenient maintenance. The square shank bolt is resistant to impact and wear. 4.Hammer crusher is convenient for transportation and installation due to split structure of the equipment. Combining the functions of impact, reaction and blow in one, with little component wearing and prominent comprehensive benefits, the equipment is widely used for artificial sand making. How to choose the best stone manufacturer? Please contact DSMAC or enter our website: .ds-crusher.. . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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