Chen Tucao small embarrassment to resolve the dilemma of life force dilemma ppbox

Chen Tucao life awkward dilemma forced poor wit defuse Chen Sina entertainment news as "not funny money" funny play, Chen [micro-blog] Tucao in the variety show skills and then pushed to the peak, on the bursting point at the same time, it also brings more hot topic for everyone. Chen Tucao life deeply felt awkward users refer to this program an opening, Chen in the "what" of many small Tucao embarrassment in life. "The school of new mat and dormitory bed size does not match", "math class a got up and bent over to pick up a pen, do not understand what the teacher said," Chinese teacher always in the bell rang before the students read aloud over the bell "in God Tucao funny at the same time aroused the sympathy, we have said is bursting point Chen in God Tucao stamp. Chen Chen to resolve the plight of poor users praised the humor too much although the life of a lot of awkward places, but as long as enough wit can easily resolve. For enough money to spend this small embarrassing Chen proposed a solution, "want to buy something you see more buyers show" and "want to save money before going to blush pumping their own two hands." "can not afford to eat a meal to go to the supermarket to eat" idea also let netizen uproarious Chen a humorous point of praise, the atmosphere was also to a climax again, users have said that every time I listen to Chen He Tucao can feel deep sympathy. (commissioning editor: Gong Mo Wu)相关的主题文章:

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