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UnCategorized China Tele. may be.e the first operator that sells iPhone 5. Some provinces and cities of China Tele. have already received the notice to prepare the sales of iPhone 5, including sales staff training. In the early of this month it started to accept reservations. Tele. emphasized that the iPhone 5 is UIM-style. The .pany place high hopes for the iPhone 5. Operators are making determined efforts and Apple’s dealers are ready to do something. Now the authorized stores by Apple have not received any news that iPhone 5 will go to the market. But they are now beginning to accept the booking of iPhone 5. The book price is 2,000 yuan. There are a lot of old customers have paid the deposit. With the approaching of iPhone 5, Guangzhou’s price of iPhone 4 went down. Most of the price dropped to 4280 yuan. Tele.’s insiders have confirmed that the introduction of iPhone 5 by China Tele. has been a virtual certainty. Important provincial .panies of tele.munications have now received a notice required to prepare a good job selling iPhone 5. Tele. is expected to start pre-sale in this month. IPhone 5 will be officially on sale in October. In the first half of this year, China Tele. has 108 million mobile customers, more than the number of the United States’ Verizon’s customers. It is the world’s largest CDMA operator. The number of China Tele.’s high-end customers is between 13 million and 15 million. The potential revenue of these contracts customer is worth as much as 8 billion to 9 billion dollars. Some analysts said China Tele. is expected to provide 1.06 million units of iPhone by the end of this year. Once iPhone is introduced, Tele.munications will increase handset subsidies in the second half of this year. It is said that China Tele. will introduce the program named "Dragon" showing that expectations are high. It is reported that China Tele. has prepared 1.5 billion or so for the marketing costs of iPhone. A series of packages and billing systems are currently in active preparation. It is also said that Tele. will launch iPhone 5 and iPhone4 at the same time. Uni. also said the .pany will launch the new version of iPhone in the first time. China Uni. in August sent e six executives to visit Apple’s headquarters to discuss the introduction of iPhone 5 and the related matters. The introduction is of no suspense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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