China’s top three new year concert will be held at the end of the

Chinese three new year concert will be held a Sina entertainment news by the end of November 13th, by Dai Yuqiang, Mo Hualun, Wei Song [micro-blog] Chinese consisting of the Three Tenors announced in Beijing, will be held in December 22nd in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing launched a new "national beauty – 2017 China Three Tenors Beijing concert". The theme of this new year’s concert is thanksgiving. On the selection of the most classic tracks, most can move the audience, most can express their gratitude to the Chinese and foreign art songs and arias, Chinese folk songs and popular songs, and re interpretation and deduction. From the "Bel Canto" to pop, but also a new song by the majority of the audience favorite with popular music elements across the tracks, classical and modern. Zhang Shurong, director of the concert, said that this year’s concert has new tracks, new content and new forms. The most interesting thing is that there is a different performance on the stage of innovation in the past, the use of world-class audio equipment, trying to convey the artist’s wonderful song to the ears of every audience. The stage will use high precision LED screen display, classic and modern vocal music works with a full range of visual expression, let the audience feel the artistic charm of vocal music. Dai Yuqiang said: "we want to make the most beautiful, the most beautiful song dedicated to the audience. The concert repertoire, both the provisions of the action, also demand action, as well as the audience song." Mo Hualun said: "the past five years, we have gone through many parts of the world, the light of this year went to Sydney and Singapore, and then go to Vancouver, we want to bring the most beautiful song to the world. Immediately to meet the second five year plan, the concert I will choose some three did not sing songs, some of the popular, more down to earth a little song, in a word, Aria to sing less, we sing more songs for having heard it many times." (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章:

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