Chinese fever behind the overseas Chinese education problems yet to be cracked

"Chinese fever" behind the overseas Chinese education problems yet to be cracked in Beijing on 29 September, (Zhou Qianxian) "Chinese fever" continues to heat up in the world, Chinese schools such as the rise of teaching like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but still faces many problems. Beijing City, the Federation held a seminar on the overseas Chinese education in Beijing 28, Chinese education from the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Indonesia and other 11 countries and regions gathered in charge of communication problems, experience sharing. As of now, into the overseas Chinese Affairs Office to support the project of Chinese schools, Chinese education organization of nearly a thousand (a), at the annual overseas Chinese Affairs Office selected more than 1000 domestic and overseas Chinese school teachers, millions of students in various schools to accept Chinese education. Although some Chinese schools blossom everywhere, but not very willing to learn Chinese, parents are often even advised to take Chinese to school. A period of time, as the Chinese learning as a dangerous road, give up halfway. "Many Chinese grew up in foreign countries," for China’s air plant ", identity is not strong," Arizona School Principal Chen Rongji shoots Chinese progenitor sigh, if the Chinese lost the key, how about China deep culture, retain the root of china. The president of the Spanish Association of overseas Chinese Association President Dai Dong also have the same trouble. He urged his son to go to Chinese school every weekend, but his son was always thinking of playing football. When the class is busy, the children have no time to go to Chinese school. Because most of these Chinese schools are weekend school, the children sacrificed to play the weekend to learn Chinese, parents sacrifice weekend break time to send children. Over time, parents tired, child conflict. "Weekend teaching hours, mostly two or three hours a week. In fact, most of the teaching methods are written in Chinese teaching materials, which have long educational cycle, slow progress and no language environment." Chen Rongji said that now the United States a lot of overseas Chinese children may be able to understand Chinese, simple spoken language. But quite a few students are very difficult to recognize Chinese characters, can use Chinese writing is very rare. He said that the Chinese teacher had to copy the teaching materials in the teaching of the alphabet that column painted, forced students to recognize Chinese characters. American Chinese school has also begun to try to change the school system, compression does not apply to the teaching content, the introduction of a variety of teaching materials. In addition to teaching materials and teaching, overseas Chinese education can not be separated from teachers. Although the assignment of teachers "blood transfusion" plan and train local teachers of "blood" plan in parallel, alleviate the local serious shortage of Chinese teachers. However, there are still some bottlenecks such as the non specialization of teachers and the lack of knowledge structure. "At present in the Philippines Chinese school, teachers from Chinese teachers accounted for only 10.6%, executive vice chairman of the Philippines Chinese Education Center Huang Duanming said, there is no professional training system, teachers level is uneven, the poor teaching effect, but also affect the enthusiasm of students learning. "China education emphasis on indoctrination, and western education tend to heuristic", Swedish youth Chinese school Chinese education teacher Zhang Qing found that some expatriate teachers follow the traditional domestic teaching Fang相关的主题文章:

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