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China relationship cut Zhao Lixin love under the brow. "Zhao Lixin Chinese Entertainment – Sohu relation" Lixin "relationship China poster Zhao" stills Sohu entertainment news by Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Zhao Lixin, Hu He starred in the drama "Chinese humor contemporary realistic subject of guanxi" to be aired in September 7th, in the shenhuan play together the summer is particularly compelling. Recently, the play again released the relationship version of the poster, the character of the play and the intriguing relationship between each other has also begun to take shape. The big winners in life Zhao Lixin " " workplace both proud of the characters, is actually the interpersonal relationship network is complex and frustrated people interesting. The latest exposure of the relationship between the version of the poster, Zhao Lixin played Shen Yun walking between three women… Seemingly harmonious love, happy scene, but it depends on Shen Yun half life and wait for change. Liu Lili as early as twenty years ago, Shen is on love (Hu Keshi), but Liu Lili has a strange combination of circumstances married to Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments), until two people with marital problems, Shen Yuncai finally won her return, this return is really his strong and brave to carry the heavy love. The play, Zhao Lixin and Hu He opponents play the most talked about cooperation experience, Zhao Lixin generous praise of Hu He: "people love drama, diligent, enthusiastic good, play good, can feel in life is also a as an understanding wife and loving mother." Different from the popular fantasy series, "Chinese type relationship" is a focus on the characteristics of human relations China profound and meticulous description and characterization of the realistic themes of "heavy" comedy. The play, played by Zhao Lixin and his wife Liu Lili, Shen Yun rival Ma Guoliang consisting of a triangular relationship, and adolescent rebellion, and stepdaughter unreasonable mother-in-law, composed of unspeakable relationship between officialdom and rival Ma Guoliang complicated officialdom relationship, eventually interwoven Chinese relationship this full of wit and humour "". The writer and director in any relationship between the characters of each, such as misunderstanding, suspicion and helplessness, with comedy factors create Chinese collocation, such a relationship is heavy but people smile and a tear ". It is reported that the "China relationship" will be in September 7th in Beijing satellite TV, Oriental TV premiere. In addition, performances by Zhao Lixin another masterpiece "Qingyun Xian Xia Zhi" is Hunan TV hit, attention please!   相关的主题文章:

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