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The Morgan silver dollar has grown to be one of the more sought-after silver coins in the history of the United States. Created by George T. Morgan in 1878, the coins were released on a regular basis until 1904. The 1881 Morgan silver dollar is easily attainable in mint condition, however the gem state is rare. The popularity of the coins has risen since the 1960s and has lead to a high demand even today.Being one of the first successful commercially used silver coins of our country’s history has been a deciding factor in it surviving so long. Excellent features such as its size, mintages and silver content are major reasons for its continued fame. As with all Morgan silver dollars, in 1921 they made a short reappearance but were melted down due to a government mandate. 1881 Morgan Silver DollarDesign Amazingly designed by George T. Morgan, even to this day, time the coin is analyzed and adored by coin industry professionals everywhere. The coins were beautifully made with theThe coins were designed with the upmost integrity, with the face of Lady Liberty on the front side and a stuffed bald eagle on the back. Designed with the rare reflective surface called aDeep Proof Like, the 1881 Morgan silver dollar is one of the most popular coins for collectors. 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar Value The Morgan silver dollar is still to this day one of the most popular coins in America, with an increase in value happeningalmost every year. Although these five cities minted the coin, the gem condition is still pretty scarce. The content of the coin still holds tremendous value because it is made of 90% silver and 10% copper, and this quality makes it very sought after by collectors. There are not many coins that have withstood the years like the Morgan silver dollars. 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage The 1881 Morgan silver dollar was minted in five major cities: Philadelphia, Carson City, San Francisco and New Orleans. 9 million of the 1881 Morgan silver dollars were minted in Philadelphia. These can be identified because they have no mint mark presented on the coin. In Carson City alone nearly 300,000 coins were minted with the mint mark of CChidden strategically on the coin. Most mint marks are found on theback side by the wreath. The O Morgan silver dollars, which were minted in New Orleans, mintedover 6 million coins. The S Morgan silver dollars, which were minted in San Francisco, producedmore than 13 million coins. Both were prime reasons for the coin’s popularity and pending survival for over 100 years. 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