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Self-Improvement Why is it that some people succeed at things while others fail? Is there such a thing as creating your own luck? The answer is quite simple, those who succeed chose to ‘do something’ and do it now rather than later. For example, imagine that 100 people read the exact same book that I did. I benefited from what was written and implemented the information in it to my advantage. Yet the other 100 people managed to .e up with 100 different reasons why the book either wouldn’t work for them or how it didn’t fit their situation. The point being, everyone has choices available to him or her. They can choose to make money or choose to make excuses, its really as simple as that! People who make excuses just leave more opportunities open to those of us who do want to succeed. Those who don’t sit idly by and use golden opportunities to their best advantage all have one thing in .mon, they just got started and don’t make excuses about why they can’t! There are thousands of reasons why you can’t make a start today. The timing may not be right or you may be too busy today to make a start. Most people who do succeed are usually at the busiest time of their lives, so the real question here is, are you too busy to make money? Or maybe your .puter is too slow or needs updating? Possibly the software you are using isn’t right to start your internet business? People like that keep telling themselves "once I get this new software or .puter then I’ll start…. " and go along on their merry way looking for even more plans. All the while they are waiting, they are letting golden opportunities pass them by. These people are never going to make money with that attitude because the time will never be right. So once again the real question here is when is the right time to start making money? Others wait until every one around them is making money from working hard on a realistic plan, then call them ‘lucky’? There is no such thing as being ‘lucky’ in this situation. We all make our own luck by taking an opportunity with both hands and ‘doing something’ with it! How many books have you read this year? How many ideas have you implemented from your newfound knowledge? Be truthful now! If you buy a book, make it your goal to implement at least one idea you have found. Take some responsibility for yourself. If you don’t ‘do something’ nobody will jump up and do it for you. By being responsible for your own success, you will find that your goals and ambitions aren’t really that far from you. Ask someone who is successful and they will tell you the same thing because it’s true. If you are having trouble being successful, be aware that you have the tools and opportunities. All that you need is to ‘do something’ about it. Create your own luck. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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