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Psychology Depression is a debilitating illness that can .pletely disrupt a person’s life and makes them physically and emotionally miserable. Dealing with depression in children can be particularly heartbreaking and affects the entire family. Childhood is supposed to be a joyful happy time in life, free from depression and worry and all too often in this day and age that is just not the case. In order to deal effectively with depression in children it is important to understand what causes it as well as what steps can be taken to alleviate the depression and help the child have a happy childhood. There are several factors that can lead to depression in children. A traumatic event such as the death of a family member, divorce, a move or abuse can be the root of the problem. These events can cause anyone to be depressed and the key to solving this kind of depression is helping the child to .municate their feelings, sympathizing with them and helping them find constructive ways to deal with their feelings. In the case of abuse, whether it is directed at the child or the child is the witness to it, the child needs to be removed from the abusive environment and then giving the proper counseling and support to deal with those very negative memories and feelings. Sometimes depression has a physical source and is not directly related to the circumstances in the child’s life. This can be far more serious and difficult to handle. The parents or guardians must consider medication with great caution as this can lead to even worse problems later on. It is usually better to find the source of the problem and help the child learn some coping techniques. Often diet is a huge factor. Food allergies have been known to cause a variety of emotional problems in children from acting out and violence to depression and thoughts of suicide. When dealing with depression in children it is always a good idea to either visit an allergist or use a rotation diet to either determine what food allergies exist or eliminate this as a possibility. The allergic foods and any highly processed foods should be eliminated from the child’s diet. Nutritional deficiencies are another .mon cause of depression in children. Improving the diet by including less processed food and more whole grains, fruits and vegetables is a good start. A good multi-vitamin and a fatty acid supplement such as flax seed oil or fish oil can also work wonders when dealing with depression in children. Generally, a .bination of a healthy diet, proper rest and exercise along with good behavioral training, love and support will work wonders on alleviating childhood depression. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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