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Content summary: Carnival Diablo 3 anniversary underground city and New Area – Diablo 3 zone – Sina game in the Blizzcon, Diablo 3 released many new content heavyweight, including the 20 anniversary of the underground city, new occupation necromancers, two new maps and a host version of the following season let us look at the details. The 20 anniversary of the first edition of the dungeons "Diablo" maze to "Diablo III" in the form of regression. Deadly nostalgia: re creating events, monsters, and checkpoints in the original diablo. Content: the original refurbished "Diablo", the butcher, and he will be the skeleton King epic boss battle in the form of regression. By Glorious RetroVision presentation: special 90s sound effects and visual filters to create a "classic" appearance. The necromancer of the dead by force "Diablo" III new hero occupation. The dark arts master: her magic to draw strength from the blood and bones. Old skills and new skills: command the army of the dead, control the blood Golem, and let all the bodies explode! The necromancer suits and legendary items: the necromancer will be able to collect many supernatural rare treasures, including the legend of new equipment and set items. The necromancer DLC will contain characters, two characters, pet game slot, two warehouse labels, a head frame, flags, banners and flags. (the price is fixed) to explore the deadly new region of evil filth that is constantly spreading in every corner of the sanctuary. Disc: the fog moor environment and inhospitable earth has been abandoned for hundreds of years. There is fog dispersed, there seems to be a permanent prisoner of darkness, ready to. The ancestors of the temple: the earliest days of the ancient monument nai. The temple is located beneath the surface of the sanctuary, and most mortals do not know it exists. Host season tenth season, host and computer season will be consistent. The season will consist of a season tour, a list, and all the rewards and appearances. Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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