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Arts-and-Entertainment 1. Sentimental value is one reason people collect antiques. My great aunt gave me a very old doll, a cupboard from one set of grandparents and my other grandparents gave me a ceramic parrot. We also have an antique cabi. record player, old various books and music from my husband’s family. The stories that go with these things and who they belonged too are what make these antiques so special. When I visited my grandparents every summer I can remember playing house with the cupboard. My husband can remember listening to his grandma play the piano using the sheet music he now has. 2. For many years my in-laws had an antique business and their basement was filled with hundreds of interesting treasures. Without having to look it up they could tell you the worth of many items and knew the pricing for almost everything. Fixing pieces that were damaged has always been one of their passions. They did this as a way to restore something special from the past, not to get a better price for it. 3. Collecting antique games is something that our son has always loved. Another favorite thing of his to collect is antique books. He has found and collected different tiddly winks games from all over the world. He is interested in finding one that he doesn’t have or is very different and is not concerned at its price. 4. The chase is part of the fun for many antique lovers. Going to different stores across the United States and roaming through hundreds of items is part of the fun. 5. Then there are those people who seldom buy any antiques but see this as a hobby. These people enjoy traveling around the country and seeing who has to offer what. Spending the weekend shopping antique stores while on vacation can be great fun. 6. When furnishing a home people might search for antiques. Adding only new furnishings to a room cannot offer that special touch that antiques will. Antiques originate from so many different time periods and this works well when someone needs just that little finishing touch for a room. 7. There are of course the dealers and sellers of antiques out there in the world. This group of people tend to be hard core and know how to buy antiques at just the right price without spending too much money. Pricing tends to be more important then the actual piece is. Antiques can offer enjoyment for almost anyone. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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