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Business For mailers, presort services, and transportation .panies who process drop shipments, having up-to-date information on drop ship data and labeling list data is a critical part of their operation. Using updated data helps mailers benefit from greater drop ship discounts and improves efficiency by having accurate information. Drop Ship data is updated daily by the USPS on their FAST system website. It provides drop ship data including information on SCF (Sectional Center Facility), BMC (Bulk Mail Center), ADC (Area Distribution Center), and DDU (Destination Delivery Unit) facilities. You can easily obtain detailed information on the facility type, city, state, zip code, dock information, contact phone numbers, and hours of operation by using this drop ship data. This database also includes what is referred to as "re-direct" information, which specifies alternate facilities to which drop shipments must be sent based on situational events such as volume fluctuations, equipment downtime, construction, natural disasters (e.g. flooding), etc. Having this redirection information readily available can significantly reduce delivery delays and additional transportation charges. The Labeling List data is updated and published in the DMM by the U.S. Postal Service and is also posted on Postal Explorer®. It consists of 3 and 5 digit zip code data and the corresponding city, state, and zip code that mailers use to direct their mail to the correct destination postal facilities. The lists are categorized by type of class, presort level and automation rate for General Use, Periodicals and First-Class Mail, Standard Mail and Package Services, and Automation Rate Mailings. This data is not updated on a daily basis, but rather bi-monthly to allow time for mailers and their service providers time to incorporate changes into their software and systems. The Labeling List data and Drop Ship data help mailers, presort services, and transportation .panies to properly sort and label their trays, sacks and pallets for delivery and to get the best postal discounts. The Postal regulations are continuously changing and it is critical for mailers to have easy access to updated information for presorting and labeling their mailings. Ideally, your software should be able to automatically update Drop Ship data and Labeling list information as changes are made on the USPS website without having to update it manually. You should also be able to automatically update it on a schedule that you determine: daily/weekly/monthly and at a set time. Having the ability to update the data electronically and automatically at a set schedule will allow mailers to reduce errors as well as save time and labor spent on updating each change manually. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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