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Security Good business internet security must be tailored to suit individual business needs, providing strong controls throughout the IT systems within the business. Itemised below are some of the key components for consideration to help in the protection of an e-commerce business from internet threats. Defining your Security Requirements An e-commerce business generally requires a range of security measures. Some of these are purely practical, but there are also obligations to meet including: Industry regulations (PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry) Laws – Trade Practices Act ASX (and other exchanges) Listing principles National Privacy Principles The essential requirement is therefore that internet security must cover all aspects of business and therefore all IT systems in the environment. An example highlighting the need for tailored services is a typical online business with many service providers involved in providing the solution. This could include marketing agencies, Payment Gateway providers, Service Providers, Hosting Provider, Application developers, Database Administrators and System Administrators. Some of these providers may have direct connections to the environment. This connection may expose the business to more attacks directed against these other providers. Therefore possible vulnerabilities must be thoroughly and individually assessed from multiple angles to understand the risks the environment faces. Meeting Security Requirements The basic security requirements for doing business online are relatively straightforward. All business systems must comply with any security-related requirements imposed by interested parties such as Merchant service providers. Web hosting services may have their own requirements however many limit there involvement to maintaining application patches of the operating system and installed applications. A security consultant can assist by designing and configuring systems to ensure compliance with industry best practices. The design and management of all of these components are to help safeguard the business from attack as well as provide business partners and interested parties a demonstration of the commitment to ensuring system security. Success criteria for e-commerce security Online security is a multi-layered and an involved process, but the criteria for success are indicative of the key needs in this area: Business internet security is designed to minimise vulnerabilities. So Ensure coverage across the many areas involved in producing the online service. Client security and privacy are also the business’ responsibility and care should be taken to ensure you don’t contribute to the poor client security woes. Through poor security practices. Security is a process and should be a constantly monitored and measured on an ongoing basis. 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