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Eat a bowl of wanlilu series – the real Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle Sohu Hand-Pulled Noodle originated in Japan tourism, Chinese, become the representative of the popular pasta in japan. Japanese for "lumira, media, (Hand-Pulled Noodle, ramen)", "for speech (soba)," Chinese speech, "etc.. Hand-Pulled Noodle 100 years ago by the Yokohama Street into Japan, a series of reform changes after adaptation of Japanese taste as the country’s most down to earth, the most representative and popular delicacy, a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle from drawing to the table, but it seems simple, but hidden behind a deep doorway. This one, "Hand-Pulled Noodle pig", is the most common traditional delicacy in Fukuoka area, the dolphin bone at the bottom, after long time continuous stew, the full flavor, served with sauce soy sauce and salt, against several pieces of pork, tender and elastic Hand-Pulled Noodle Q tenacious pork echoes the soup is milky white, that is, the pig strong fire to stew out of glue, dumping bowl soup will not overflow like concentration, is the best tonkotsu soup, taste in a small bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle on the existence of harmony, this rustic delicious contains Fukuoka area people across the food attachment feeling. TOP10: Chief dragon Fukuoka area veteran Shoppes, far away you can smell the pork flavor, the store was in the general election on two Hand-Pulled Noodle Kyushu "continued two years crown, the standard is Hand-Pulled Noodle chief dragon soup Kurume return the soup, fresh pork and pig back fat stewed mellow strong. TOP9: Long Bang NO.1 long bin No.1 soup only one, is the dolphin bone, from the store to the kitchen straight look, can see about half the height of the six barrel drum, which is full of fine boil soup, every day from the shop until closing time, only to PigHead meat, pig, pig bone and a little pig back oil, and then after three times of filtration, drink to get fragrant tasty but not greasy. TOP8: Mian theater "Mian theater Ying Xuan Xuan Ying" as the traditional Hand-Pulled Noodle museum is full of fashion and received extensive attention. Of course, the store Hand-Pulled Noodle the taste is good, the stage style has attracted many young people come to enjoy, but also retain a number of repeat customers. Hand-Pulled Noodle is more than that in Xuan Ying, egg bibimbap this simple single product is also a popular choice. It is easy to see the food really chapter, its originality. TOP6: lumira, media, and last but not’s strong flavor of pork peculiar smell, in the stew is the best, in addition, the pig and the Hand-Pulled Noodle buckwheat noodles are a good choice, love to eat friend can also taste the fried rice. TOP6: a cup of Genki more characteristic of a shop in front of the door, there is no sign, but don’t worry, to a meal will be lined up in long lines, so where many people must be. The store is known as Japan’s best soup, very worth a try. TOP5: Bodo, lumira, and was on analysis of pure pork and chive, Hand-Pulled Noodle, fine flour, pork, pork soup, collocation of the most simple, but has a desirable taste, without any seasoning, very healthy and delicious. TOP4: a pair of small stores in Bodo"相关的主题文章:

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